Sunday, September 16, 2012

60hr nap

I wish. Sometimes.

Friday night was comedian night so i attended that [Kelly Taylor] and went to bed afterwards...yes, such a wild college kid. The show was so-so, but maybe i simply just don't understand stand-up comedy. Or I'm difficult to please. Who knows....i only laughed at the fart jokes. I can't help it...I'm human and they were hysterical.

Lovely came to visit on Saturday! He was such an eager beaver....he left around 8am to get here at 11 and then we met up with my sister at the Hummelstown craft fair. That was after we got lost in downtown Hummelstown. Damn detours and road closings -_- my Nana lives in H-town, but navigating through unknown sidestreets is difficult...and i hate narrow streets with parked cars.

Saturday was shopping day! Shopped all day [exercise], entertained my sister [we made highly inappropriate jokes/comments], and ate delicious fatkid food at Arooga's [nutrition]. Very balanced day. Like cats, Lovely and i then took a nap until the dance.

New H&M top! It has little faded hearts all over it.

I love me a man in chinos.....Lovely bought these, along with maroon chinos. And a bowtie. He has gumption.

Now i shall be lonely. And distraught. And rescue a bunch of cats from the shelter.

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