Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Terrible Tuesday

Tuesdays and I share a mutual hatred for one another.

Off to a terrible start! I thought everything was going well...until i realized my Coach cardholder [it's not that important, it just holds my school ID, driver's license, my roomkey, car key, and smoothie punchcard] was not in my pocket....

On the brightside, i squeezed in my cardio! I ran back to my dorm and back searching for it. Oh, what a hot mess i was in French class....

Buuuuuuuuut some amazing soul found it and gave it to my roommate! ....after scaring her a little when he tried to use the key and then knocked. But he found it! And found me! And now i keep a deathgrip on my keys.

Lesson learned.

Stressful day? Me? Ha. Bitch, please.

Ok, ok....maybe i wanted to cry a little and trust me, it was a close one....but Jess texted me that it was recovered so all was good :)

Breathe. Smile. Re-braid your hair. Ignore sweatiness. In that order. Thank goodness I remembered deodorant. THAT would have been embarassing.

I love my backside....let me rephrase that. I love the backside of this shirt.

And these boots are super comfy! Levi's :) Oh and that umbrella....it worked wonders for my head. My bum? Not so much during my frantic run/search. I was a tad bit wet...

The night ended on a good note, though....i can look back on this and laugh...and maybe cry a little haha

Oh, and Tuesday? You still suck.

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