Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Isn't life just grand?

This cat looks sad.

To make you happy.

To laugh at someone's sheer stupidity.

Want/have the new iPhone 5? How to become the best stalker you can be.

If you have weight issues....as Jillian Michaels would say, get off you fat ass and move. After reading this motivational story, of course. One constantly needs motivation. Keep your goals in mind....eye on the prize, if you will :)

Tuesdays are a drag.

However, Valleyfest seems to lighten my mood. Being productive makes me feel better as well. I've knocked out some homework already! Woo!

New Nollie leggings from PacSun! Holy crap, was it chilly this morning. Must endure the chill for a little while longer....although i'm going to start wearing pants on Tuesdays and Thursdays when i must venture out in the wee hours of the morning [7:45am].

I think it would be quite fun to be a cartoon....imagine the crazy things one could do. I could jump off buildings, land in a pile of my own flesh mush, then be blown up again to normal....crazy ideas that run through my head haha and it would be perfectly reasonable to run around with a shovel, hitting things at will.

These flats remind me of actual ballerina slippers....perhaps a black swan's.

Rebecca from The Clothes Horse was probably one of the first bloggers I started following back during senior year and is still one of my favorites. She's incredibly chic and has great insight on life.

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