Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I was called Minnie Mouse

How to get through college:

1. Invest in an older fridge [preferably from the 70s] that makes ice and has built-in ice cubes

2. Buy some Lean Pockets

3. Get a good roommate who can be your friend. And with whom you can share Lean Pockets

4. You better have [or else develop] a good sense of're going to need it to deal with some of the people you'll meet

5. Sign up for clubs

6. Have fun {who wouldn't want to?!}

7. Buy some DayQuil/NyQuil to ward off those nasty cold symptoms

Oh, my....tonight is a chill night. Jess and i are doing homework. Woo! I read all of my international relations for tomorrow!

And we signed up for clubs. I'm continuing with Valleyfest and German club and signed up for Asian club [no, you do not have to be Asian, as the people at the table told us] and French club

Shirt: DIY; belt: Forever21; wedges: Old Navy

"Aux États-Unis ou Français, mon coeur bat pour toi." That is what my shirt reads...I wore it to the beach :)

I'm ready for "No Strings Attached" now.

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