Thursday, August 30, 2012

First days of class down

My first day was longest day of the week [also on a Tuesday, with whhich there's already a mutual hatred] was my first day meh.

No matter, no matter.

I'm really diggin' French class and International Relations....both of which i had for the second time today. Yesterday was management and advanced German conversation after work so it made for a relatively short day [i'm done at 2!!].

I wore my new[er] top from Piperlime that i may have worn once already [?] but can't recall.....anywho, i believe the color was mocha or something coffee-related and white polka dots.

Testing out the blog pic location....great corner just for this :)

My new obsession is adding some sort of braid to my hair....yesterday it was a simply French braid across my bangs into a messy braid across the back and down. Have to use a little bit of the French braiding to hold in my dumb layers which I'm growing out....layers are a pain to grow out but sometimes it simply must be done.

Went for see-through pastels today albeit gray isn't really a pastel, but you get my drift....ooh and i wore my nifty little red skinny-band belt for my shorts.

Again with the braid....i need to learn how to say "French braid" in French. I feel that would be a nice asset to my vocabulary.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

g33ky to the last drop

"To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction"
~Newton's Third Law

It seems like for every journey i begin [like sophomore year] it seems like another last [last and only time i'll begin sophomore year, as well as last stretch of being the dreaded teenager].

Wah. Two more months of being a teen. I'm not sure why, but simply being 20 sounds more mature than 19 although i like the number 19 better....perhaps it's more aesthetically pleasing? I'm getting old.

Checked  out the new German collection [geh Deutschland!] and tried out My Very First Knockwurst. Best way to describe the color: beige-y lavendar/pale pink.

Mmmmm my roommate went to Germany for two weeks and brought me back chocolate! Ja, ich liebe Schokolade aber ich esse noch nicht alle....I promise i haven't eaten it all yet! It iis delicious....

Yesterday was a busy day. Wore my spiked shoes with my pink and white striped tank dress....little boring but the shoes made up for it. Four classes, though, made for a long day....

Two languages in one day! J'aime les classes de français et l'allemand! International relation and marketing should be fun....except my bum fell asleep halfway through marketing. 3hr night class isn't my cup of tea but just add that to the list of new things experienced at college.

Having a positive outlook to start the year right.

Monday, August 27, 2012

More g33k, less chic

Upperclassmen are notorious for not giving a fig and showing up in sweats....well, i didn't even pack sweatpant [add that to the list of things i forgot] but today is still a semi-bum day. Yoga pants aren't the dressiest of pants and a new workout shirt and a Vans hat...and of course, some jewelry to add a girly touch. And to make it look like i didn't just roll out of bed. I did my make-up, i swear!

Tunic: VS; jeans: Angel

Last day home....went for my driver's license. I feel like a big girl now haha. My license no longer reads: UNDER THE AGE OF 18 UNTIL

Move-in day! Ugh....feel as though i had soo much! But....i'm all set albeit i have more pics to hang up.

Blazer: Charlotte Russe; tank: Ross's; shorts: AE

My Nana gave me a ring that was my great-grandmother's, or Kaki to us. Vintage jewelry is so neat in that it already has a history....but family jewelry means even more. Miss you, Kaki...wearing this ring and hoping you're smiling down on me at school.

Lovely made me a poster of my favorite Pokémon!!
Top row: Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite
Middle: Eevee [dear Eevee, i love you just the way you are :) ]

Bottom: Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon, along with the corresponding evolution stones

You know you have a sweetheart when... :)
Ladies, if your significant other takes the time to make you something to take with you [and if they like Pokémon], they are a keeper.

Esp if they like Pokémon hahaha

New workout shirt. Workout and stop bitching until you do. Change won't happen on its own...complaining doesn't get results. Shake your tuchus when you hear your favorite song. Little things add up to calories burned and better feeling about yourself. Endorphins are the best.

Our little vanity area....we're missing our full-length mirror from last year's room.

Today i'm putting things together for tomorrow....français first thing tomorrow at 8am! Goodness....tomorrow shall be busy. Four classes.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Au revoir, mes amies et ma maison

All packed for school...

All too soon another summer gone....

My first class is French btw. Excited much? Maybe......j'aime le français  et l'allemand. Ich kann nicht für meine deutsche Klasse warten!

Half of my classes are language know you're an eager beaver I've had a liking for languages since i was little. Remember that book Ella Enchanted? The ogre language and all that? I thought it was the cat's meow, as my Mum would say. Obsessed with language. Next summer i think i'll take out my book on learning J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish language. I haven't looked at in quite a while.

Bread is afraid of the ducks.

Lovely likes his bracelet that i had made for him. Mmmm i like a nice and polished man....daaaang, boy [said with a slight accent].

Necklace: AE; tank: Old Navy; skirt: vintage

Matching skirt to the crop top from my Nana. I'll be seeing her later today :)

Lovely and i went out for pictures on Thursday and made ice cream sundaes afterwards.

I'm heading off for college today, although I'm technically moving in tomorrow. But home is where the heart is blah blah blah, yatta yatta yatta.

Packing and unpacking wears me out.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spotted: g33k chic with school spirit

Red and black were my alma mater's school colors and as much as I was opposed to the whole school spirit thing due to strange logic [in my mind], I love the red and black together....ever notice the red soles on a pair of Louboutins? Black Louboutins with red soles....mmmmm

I'm in a bit of a Gossip Girl slump.....cannot wait until October 8. Perhaps that's the reason behind the title.

Headband: Austrian Claire's; shirt: Old Navy; jeggings: AE; wedges: Old Navy; feather earrings: Charlotte Russe

Orange matte lipstick from Joe Fresh: love.

Hmmm my camera is picky on lighting....None of the pics are re-touched. I could say that it's because i'm comfortable in my own skin [for the most part] buuuuut i'm just a bit lazy and not that picture program-savvy. NBD.

When i get my iPhone in October [when i can finally get my upgrade!!] maybe i'll have cool instagram pics, transforming me into one of the millions of instagram pro photographers. Giggles. Right now i'm picturing that meme:

Nonetheless, i still think instagram will be sweet. At least my new phone will have a functioning camera. My poor phone is slowly falling apart :/

Poor little Pantech Crux....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Improper Princess

Yesterday I was cleaning up my room and putting some stuffed animals away into a bin in the closet for storage and found my old princess crown from one of the labor day reunion picnics a few years ago when we found out we're descended from British royalty. Sweet cheeks! I find geneology fascinating...doesn't everyone have a curiousity as to where they originated?

Yes, i was wearing a crown.

You know your parents have accepted and/or grown accustomed to your weirdness when your Fajer doesn't even comment on the fact that you are walking around the house with a crown on your head.

On the brightside, anorexic brows are filling back in! No more thin brows....i feel like they had a risk of getting lost on my face.

Unfortunately, my dehydrated skin is currently unhappy. The poison ivy is clearing up thanks to my Ivarest but my skin is drying than that terrible toilet paper that's put in public high school bathroom stalls.

New Seychelles booties
Last night i went to see Ted [for the second time] and Magic Mike at the drive-in! Ted is hilarious. Although Ted the cat will never be replaced by a teddy bear...

Magic Mike's plot was meh so-so but great nonetheless hehehehe

What slightly perturbed me, however, was the amount of children at the me old-fashioned [which is slightly ironic, considering i went to see a movie about male strippers], but children shouldn't be taken to see those two movies, especially Magic Mike. Kids are rather impressionable and parents have only themselves to blame if they walk in on their kid making their teddy bear hump dolls. After all, they [the parents] are the ones who exposed their kid to Ted's promiscuous ways.

Today shall be spend packing and doing surveys, mostly the former. It took me almost the whole summer to unpack from school and now i must pack it all back up to leave for school in less than a week. I got this...

Friday, August 17, 2012

What the duck?

Lovely and i went on a sweet little date last night...

Wings and a sandwich and some white birch beer. I love my wings....mmmmm

Ok, maybe i eat them like a princess [with one hand on the wing, another on a napkin] but they are so dang delicious. Hot wings and spicy garlic butter!

Then we went off to the park for some pictures....naturally, we forgot to bring bread for the ducks.

Dear masked suitor, I was not impressed by your constant preening. In fact, I found it distracting whilst I was on my date.

Darling ducklings growing up!! They were impossibly fuzzy....I wanted to pet them...

Reminds me of my high school graduating class....quite an eclectic bunch who were pretty chill and above silly labeling.

Pretty white-headed ducks

Anti-social dude....too cool for the group. He looked a little irrate. He promptly jumped off his perch when another duck dared to get close.

New shoes :)

They started leaving when they saw this point, had my mum been there, she would have made a joke about me being too scary.

Ice cream and Project X followed our little get-away....

Tonight shall consist of some relaxing and returning my blood pressure back to normal after a chaotic day at work in which i made assemblers correct their orders which i was checking, telling my supervisor i "didn't have time for this shit" aka mistakes, and my boss making a joke about me being dumb. Please do not question my intelligence.

I'm all for giggles and wit, but today was not the day to mock my brain -_-

Dean's List and a 3.7 GPA, thank you very much.

Phew....please forgive my slight testiness. Poison ivy still wreaking havoc and not improving my mood. I need some Lovely tonight....hopefully seeing him tonight!

Have a lovel-E start to your weekend!