Thursday, August 30, 2012

First days of class down

My first day was longest day of the week [also on a Tuesday, with whhich there's already a mutual hatred] was my first day meh.

No matter, no matter.

I'm really diggin' French class and International Relations....both of which i had for the second time today. Yesterday was management and advanced German conversation after work so it made for a relatively short day [i'm done at 2!!].

I wore my new[er] top from Piperlime that i may have worn once already [?] but can't recall.....anywho, i believe the color was mocha or something coffee-related and white polka dots.

Testing out the blog pic location....great corner just for this :)

My new obsession is adding some sort of braid to my hair....yesterday it was a simply French braid across my bangs into a messy braid across the back and down. Have to use a little bit of the French braiding to hold in my dumb layers which I'm growing out....layers are a pain to grow out but sometimes it simply must be done.

Went for see-through pastels today albeit gray isn't really a pastel, but you get my drift....ooh and i wore my nifty little red skinny-band belt for my shorts.

Again with the braid....i need to learn how to say "French braid" in French. I feel that would be a nice asset to my vocabulary.

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