Sunday, August 19, 2012

Improper Princess

Yesterday I was cleaning up my room and putting some stuffed animals away into a bin in the closet for storage and found my old princess crown from one of the labor day reunion picnics a few years ago when we found out we're descended from British royalty. Sweet cheeks! I find geneology fascinating...doesn't everyone have a curiousity as to where they originated?

Yes, i was wearing a crown.

You know your parents have accepted and/or grown accustomed to your weirdness when your Fajer doesn't even comment on the fact that you are walking around the house with a crown on your head.

On the brightside, anorexic brows are filling back in! No more thin brows....i feel like they had a risk of getting lost on my face.

Unfortunately, my dehydrated skin is currently unhappy. The poison ivy is clearing up thanks to my Ivarest but my skin is drying than that terrible toilet paper that's put in public high school bathroom stalls.

New Seychelles booties
Last night i went to see Ted [for the second time] and Magic Mike at the drive-in! Ted is hilarious. Although Ted the cat will never be replaced by a teddy bear...

Magic Mike's plot was meh so-so but great nonetheless hehehehe

What slightly perturbed me, however, was the amount of children at the me old-fashioned [which is slightly ironic, considering i went to see a movie about male strippers], but children shouldn't be taken to see those two movies, especially Magic Mike. Kids are rather impressionable and parents have only themselves to blame if they walk in on their kid making their teddy bear hump dolls. After all, they [the parents] are the ones who exposed their kid to Ted's promiscuous ways.

Today shall be spend packing and doing surveys, mostly the former. It took me almost the whole summer to unpack from school and now i must pack it all back up to leave for school in less than a week. I got this...

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