Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bananas are no monkey business

Lovely and i headed to the fair again....for chocolate covered frozen bananas! Well, and to see some friends. Don't think us anti-social!

Hmm it's always interesting seeing people from one's hometown and the surrounding many people come out for the county fair. Such a dirty, often scary, place with its flip-flopped teenagers and carnies without teeth. Buuuut when that's the most "happenin' place" around here....

Oh, well.

Only 16 days left of work!! :D Thank goodness -_-

I love going away to school....and leaving this place behind. I love coming home and sleeping in my bed and eating fresh garden veggies in the summertime, but I've met some truly incredible people at school....ok, not going to lie, i'm actually excited about classes. There. Sarcasm is actually excluded....

Outran myself today. Gotta get fit. Current mantra haha well...we shall see if it works for me. I've been eating healthier on the plus side.

Hard to tell....but i'm wearing my spiked flats from Romwe. Ted was rubbing his face on them. It was simply adorable. And then he put his claws in me. Tough love, i guess.

It's a little late in the day...but today is my friend Jacob's birthday! So...hoping he had a good one.

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