Sunday, August 12, 2012

50s g33k chic.

I love my b&w shoes :)

Blazer: Charlotte Russe; tank: OPI; jeggings: Gap 1969 jeggings; shoes: Steve Madden

colorblocking nails
Today i actually wore real clothes....not just threw on sweatpants/yoga pants and a shirt to cover up my poison ivy.

Oh, so the Spice Girls will be in the closing ceremony for the Olympics. My inner 5-year old is cheering. P.S. GO USA!! I recently read somewhere that if the European Union entered as one team, they would be kicking ass. Hmmm something to ponder.

Mummy and i had a nice afternoon in which we did a little shopping. I have one last weekend at home before school...I'm elated at the idea of classes again [can't wait for German and French classes!!] but the nearly 3hr drive is not the most exciting. People's driving makes me go bonkers -_-

It's 9 o'clock and i'm ready for bed....oh weekend, where have you gone?

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