Friday, August 3, 2012

Le' go.

There i go, trying to be cool Fajer is a terrible backseat, though technically front passenger seat, driver. way to get even is to put on my iPod. He hates the "bang bang clangity clang" of T.I. and 3OH!3 and pretty much every song on Saul aka my iPod. Yes, that is its name....not usually one for such silliness but when my computer asks for a name for a device, i shall give one.

Fajer and i went to the fair; i was the chauffeur for the night since he is off for a few weeks recovering from surgery. We get along much better outside of cars....he was off to the truck and tractor pull whilst i walked around with some of Lovely's friends before Lovely himself came over.

Pants were a good gets pretty chilly at night!

vest: H&M; tank: silk; belt: Forever 21; skinnies: HotTopic; purse: Louis Vuitton

Me gusta, Louis. Louis had been taking a break....needed a larger purse for tonight.

Fluffing my damp hair....takes so long to dry sometimes -_-

See the teenager in its natural state.....texting.

I seriously love these shoes....Bobby Raffin of Bobby Raffin: the boy dressed for many occasions has a pair, too :)

Happy birthday, to my childhood bestie, Desiree!! She's a youngling in our grade but best wishes for her last year of being a teenager :)

....time for bed meh. Work comes too early.......but it's PAYDAY!!

And then The Band Perry.

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