Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A rare occurrence

60° in January? Really? Awesome!! Perhaps Tuesday is turning in my favor and may like me after all....

Or not...I went to the gym, cycled hard for 20 mins since I was short on time and my knee is bothering me. The non-bruised knee. Conflabbit. I'm simply falling apart!

But back to the weather...I didn't even need a coat today! :D

I wore my Pop Pop's Cedar Cliff sweater....I wish it smelled like him :/

I dug out my purple-y blue Nine West flats for today....and attempted to capture the bright sunshine outside!

I'm quite tired for some odd reason...hmmm....perhaps I'm in need of more sleep. Oh, sleep, how I miss you oh-so-much during the day! Not that I'm obsessed with it! But dreams offer such lovely images, so vivid and meh I sound a bit non-sensical but I find that's ok in some matters.

I'm off to be non-sensical til dream sets in....hot chocolate awaits.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mumble Mumble

Perhaps Monday should be designated as Lazy Monday, much as there is no pants Wednesday and cleavage Thursday. I actually wore pants today! Twas truly nippy noodles out today...made me think of penguin!

Also realized I had forgotten to put on my bracelet from big brother before I took outfit pics...

I found sweater when I was home on break...and you can see my lovely bruise through my rip. Honestly, I bought the jeans intact....they've simply been loved. A lot. They were my favorite pair from ninth grade so I guess it's saying something if I can still get my buns in them.

I promise...they look worse in person. I just found a new bruise on  my left leg...(these are both from my left leg by the way). I'm quite concerned...do I sleepwalk and run into walls at night?? My clumsiness is not a good thing...or else I bruise easily. Hmmmm.....

Thinking a lot lately...a strange interest of mine. I find the history of war fascinating....not the loss of life, but rather the causes and effects, the strategies used by long-gone leaders, many centuries forgotten, and the advancements in technology and weaponry. At the same time, it's quite frightening how humans have basically become more efficient at killing one another. It's almost bone-chilling...

Hmm on a happier note...I finished The Hunger Games! I finished it whilst cycling at the gym. Oh, how I love the gym. I simply hate walking in the fweezing cold to get there! Not a fan of cold....albeit I love shoveling snow. Go figure.

Quiet night....perhaps a get-ahead-in-homework night :D

Money Monday

On my way to class, thinking to myself as I usually do...we've been reading chapters from Susan Bordo's Unbearable Weight and something really piqued (lovely word!) my interest. It was discussing women and weight...those who can afford to indulge in food are the ones who are depriving themselves of it. So...thinking about this, I can see that perspective. No, one should not starve themselves blah blah blah <insert lecture here>. We're all heard this (mainly women, but men as well) yet we all, to some extent, worry about our looks and weight.

This started a chain of thought (as often occurs when I'm in a pensive mood) and brought me to thinking about education...spending money on education over excess food (such as nasty junk food I crave so damn much sometimes!). And came to this conclusion...spending money on knowledge would result in something priceless, knowledge; spending money on that milkshake, or whatever consummable food product, will buy the food, but once consumed, is gone, temporarily satisfying that hunger.

Then again, in a way, we have an insatiable hunger for knowledge. I know I do...languages have always fascinated me since I was little. I bought a book on how to speak Tolkien's Elvish language when I was 9, I was in love!

Hmm...I'm not supporting starvation in order to go to school, no...these are merely my thoughts on the matter.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hello, Everyone. This is Kurtis...or Lovely, as Jill has referred to me. She asked me to do a guest post for her, and I was happy to oblige. :)

Keeping with the spirit of the blog, I think some geekiness is in order. I'm pursuing a degree in IST at Penn State. Just finished creating a Java program assignment for my Computer Language class, actually. Not quite sure why, but I love writing code. Having hundreds of lines of processes and algorithms create a working program, a program that you created, is nothing short of an awesome feeling. :) It's become a passion of mine since starting college...among other things. Which brings me to fashion. :D

I think I've been pictured in this baseball henley before, elsewhere on the blog, but it's one of my favorites :) Clearance rack at Hot Topic. Jill is quite the photographer. I rarely see pictures of myself that I like. This one I do.

 Fashion was never really a big deal to me. In fact, up until about two or three years ago, I would consider myself a bit 'lost'. Just a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. Then I met Jill.
She really helped me break out of my shell. Tight jeans, cardis, Chuck Taylors, v-necks, blazers and even suspenders. :D I wasn't the most outgoing, so never really had the confidence to wear any of these things. Jill helped me reach my full fashionisto potential with some encouragement.

This new found interest came with a Dark Side, though...I've become quite the shopaholic. Not the unhealthy kind...just the borderline addiction kind. I'm not sure if that makes Jill Obi-Wan or Chancellor Palpatine in terms of guidance....

I hope to be back someday, but for now I'll leave you all with a stunning picture of a good friend of mine...

Teddy :) He loves the camera...but at that moment he was a little annoyed with my pestering for a pose. You can't see it in the picture, but he's whipping his tail back and forth in an angry manner. He's rocking the Siamese-Calico mix coat with a 'what the heck' expression to tie it all together.

...and some parting words:
Obviously I'm a Star Wars fan...sooo May the force be with you!

Or if you're one of those people: Live long and prosper. Pffft

Bye for now!

Off on my never-ending quest to find a decent, casual button-up vest!

Another weekend gone by....

I had a visitor this weekend! Kurtis came to visit and he got a little tour of the campus on our walk to J&S Pizza for dinner...which neither of us ended up ordering. Chicken parm sub = delish

Jess and I, as usual, were ready hours before necessary....but we simply cannot help ourselves! Getting ready is a well-to-do for us. It's just as fun getting all dolled up as it is being dolled up.

roommate love!

Katie went home for the weekend....so Jess and I had some more roommate bonding! If you squint a little, you can see the nasty scrap and bruise on my left knee from Friday's tumble up the stairs....

Mr. Hippy and Harry were reunited...I had forgotten Harry at home so Kurtis brought him back to me! Stuffed animals are my safety blanket; I like clutching onto them to fall asleep.

My Fajer actually picked out this shirt for me! He put it in my care package...super soft flannel mmmm

Reading Plato and contemplating ethics...or so I'm supposed to be doing...

Perhaps some takeout is in order. My tum tum is growling a bit. Brekkie seems like so long ago....

Expect a guest post soon! :)

Week 3 of classes starts tomorrow...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Quiet Friday

Today I had the third tumble in a week.....my Mummy sent me a care package so I went to pick it up...picked it up from the package room and hurried up the steps to drop it off at my dorm. Unfortunately, I managed to trip on the last step and tripped :(

On the upside, nothing in my box broke (which I didn't have time to open until after 4 since I had work and class). But...I bloodied my knee...which I did not notice until I had walked across campus and Katie pointed it out that I had a giant blood spot on my tights. Hmm...explains the funny looks I received from people.

Naturally, I was wearing tan tights so my blood really showed....and my knee is almost green, it is so bruised haha. Honestly, why did I received class klutz last year for the yearbook??

I like the way my legs look in these pictures....don't think me vain or anything. I'm quite the opposite, really.

Relaxing tonight...trying not to hurt myself any further. I'm feeling pretty safe in my bed watching She's the Man with Jess and Mr. Hippy. Going to enjoy reading The Hunger Games afterwards for a bit...yes, yes, I've jumped on the bandwagon to see what all the fuss was. It's really not so bad...it's really good!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm not sure how evident it may seem, but I'm fairly confident....there's the old cliché stating "confidence is key," but it really is... (some clichés are pretty darn accurate).

Let me tell you about my nighttime excursion....my roomie Katie and I decided to go the C-store (our campus convenience store) and I was already in my pj's but it was a bit nippy...yet, I still didn't want to go to the hassle of putting pants on. Solution? Black thigh-high socks, leopard print booties, and threw on my fur coat over my cow print boxer shorts. Not my greatest look, but hey, I was warm.

shirt says: What happened to my life?

button-up: Old Navy; tank: American Apparel (warped tour 2010); jeans: Hot Topic; bracelets: Charlotte Russe

I actually wore pants today! It was cleavage Thursday so there's a modest bit in there...I get to sleep in a bit more tomorrow. Hmm what to wear, what to wear. I managed to fall down quite hard this weekend and have lovely bruise accessories on my legs. Too bad blue's not really my color...meh. I'll work with what I have haha

attempting to show my shoes with my outfit....fail.

Pretty Steve Maddens! It rained today so my tootsies were a bit wet but worth it...I liiiiiiike the leopard print!

We shall see what tomorrow brings...a bit more rain grumble grumble.
Practice that confident strut!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No pants day

I usually forget to mention that it is, in fact, no pants hump day! ...yet again! Well, every Wednesday is hump day...and no pants day...therefore, by deductive reasoning, no pants hump day! Hello, lovely wintery day!

I was listening to iTunes on shuffle this morning...listening to Megara's I Won't Say I'm in Love. I simply love that song! She's one of the few leading ladies (aside from Mulan, who is perhaps my favorite) is not a damsel in distress, albeit she becomes too befuddled by feelings. Oh, Disney.

I'm caught up on Once Upon a Time (show on abc)!
"Love makes us sick, haunts our dreams, destroys our day. Love has killed more than any disease."  -Rumplestiltskin

dress: H&M; pin: Munich airport; tights: Betsey Johnson; brown/gold bracelet: AE; green/brown bracelet: fall festival find; black/green bracelet: from "big brother" Ryan

 This poor belt has seen better days...I love the sequins but due to its being stored on my belt rack on the back of my door for a long time, it's no longer very elastic....solution solved with Deutschlandkarte pin :)

I find it quite puzzling that, being of short stature, I am as clumsy as a gangly teenage pubescent boy, tripping on flat surfaces and running into stationary inanimate objects. I'm slowly turning black and blue! Perhaps I should wear heels more often-I'm generally more graceful and fall down less often in them...

I went for pink on four nails on each hand, random chocolate plum color on my ring fingers....yes, it shall class with the black in my wardrobe, but I can handle not being matchy-matchy haha

Homework night....then workout! What day is it? Oh, yes! Hump day! My favorite day is tomorrow! Hoping I don't fall down on my way to a meeting...but that's not guaranteed.

Hobey Ho!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The niceties

In ethics we discuss whether morals are innate, learned, or perhaps a combination of both...Valgenti blows my mind at times but in a good way (hate the vague word "good" by the way...). It's quite interesting and makes me think as opposed to my usual comfort zone of memorization, learning, regurgitation for test, read book, etc. for other classes. Again, I don't mind this traditional approach, but thinking over these seemingly impossible-to-answer concepts keeps me entertained!

Digging through my closet this morning and stumbling upon this shirt made me miss Austria....I found it in a little shop and I don't believe I even tried it on. It was adorable, I loved the sleeves, and that was that.

A friend (male, simply for reference) told me my tights looked like they had triangles on them. They are hearts....some may wear their heart on their sleeves, I chose Betsey Johnson tights. hehehe see what I did there?

vintage costume jewelry c/o my Nana
I paired my vintage necklace with my turtle necklace. The turtle's name is Lance. He was a prezzie from a former beau.

Steve Maddens haven't fallen apart...yet...

Twas delish!

Mwahahaha ha
Sipped my hot chocolate, pondering life, chiefly (I like that word!) my own. This may be the beginning of a word obsession...oh dear, oh dear, oh deary, dear, dear.

I'm quite happy with myself...a phenomenom many years in the making, let me tell you. I've simply come to terms with who I am in the past few months.

And I painted my nails today! Girly skill conquered! (maybe...)

On the brightside, the tears have turned to laughter in my room (not on my end). Hobey Ho! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Awkward turtle.

c/o mainesm from photobucket
 For some reason, I simply could not fall into a deep REM sleep...I was somewhat conscious of everything around me and naturally, my thoughts were wondering. However....I made it through class, work, class, class, class and the gym. Hopefully this shall enjoy a niiiiiiiice sleep.

My nails were pink this morning....my nail OCD kicked in and I took it off. I feel as though I'm failing as a woman for having such difficult times with such a simple task as painting nails! No matter...

I've come to the conclusion that I'm quite content with myself, lack of nail painting skills included. And I look like a goon in most of my Facebook pictures. But that's an issue for another day.

An excellent example!
(said in a Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart voice)
Yes, I'm a bit awkward...but this one's kind of cute.
From freshman convocation

Hmm would it be vain to say I thought it was neat (i.e. I was tickled pink) that my English prof used my summary from Friday's assignment as a "good" example of what we should have done? Too bad my voice sounded like a man in my ears when I read it....goodness, its deep quality scared me! I feel as though I'm not up to par with my writing...mayhap it is reflected in my blog, although the blog is much more informal than what I would write in a paper.

Adding mayhap to my list of favorite words.

Dreamland awaits...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nostalgic git.

Reflecting back to this week today (yes, I'm aware the weekend was not over yet today), I became rather nostaligic....part of my love for Disney movies isn't simply the vulgar messages in which I've become attuned, but because of all the times I would watch them growing up. Oh my, I'm a big kid now.

These are from Friday...I've had quite a long weekend and simply must apologize for neglecting...

Orange top: AE; tank: PacSun; jeans: Hot Topic; shoes: Forever 21

peep of leopard print tank under my orange striped top

Wrestling watch with bangles from Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe

To sum up the weekend: busy, tiring, yet altogether fun (for lack of a more colorful word).....rekindling an old friendship, roommate time with Jess, and catch-up time with Katie today since she went home for the weekend.

I managed to finish the rest of my homework....found a lovely quote in Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments:
"Spell checkers are the greatest invention since peanut butter."
 That had my mind naturally whirling about in state of thinking of some of my favorite words. One of my favorite words is "albeit," albeit I simply love the phrase, "haven't the foggiest idea." It sounds quite British, therefore it reminds me of Harry Potter, and subsequently makes me smile every dang time I say it.

Sleep debt kicking in for payout.
Good night, night owls.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cleavage Thursday

Today I found myself in desperate need of a nap....I went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie, hence the opportunity cost was forgoing doing some homework (oooh I'm applying my economics terms!). I am sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. Due to my perfectionism, I had to redo my accounting homework til I received a higher score online, consequently costing me my nap time :(

Skinnies and moderate cleavage today felt appropriate....seven lucky rings necklace for a bit of bling.

Sweater: Old Navy; tank: Old Navy; skinnies: Angel
Today I learned from a very valuable lesson from one of the guys randomly shouting down the hall:
 "Great sex is safe sex so always use a latex."
Oh, college...ever so informative. I think I'm safe cuddling with Mr. Hippy, my stuffed hippo, at night. Best dang cuddler....I'd say Ted, but he squirms too much after a while.

Steve Madden

It was one of those days. Subsequently, I absolutely love Thursdays. Tomorrow is Friday....but it's going to be one hell of a day.
9-9:50: German, work from 11-1, then classes from 1-4. Oh joy...a nice nap shall be taken! Need my nap to get me through a workout...I missed yoga tonight for German club meeting...oh poo.