Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th.

I read a brief article about Friday the 13th; did you know people actually suffer from a fear of this day?? It's cleverly called paraskevidekatriaphobia or triskaidekaphobia, literally fear of Friday the 13th. Thought you may be interested in reading about it for shits and giggles so the saying goes.

Wednesday I had forgotten to mention that it was no pants hump day! But no fear, I partook in the celebration nonetheless...and yesterday was cleavage Thursday. Modest cleavage but a bit is just enough for me.

Please excuse the wires.....I always seem to just throw them around and then wonder why they're all tangled around one another. Geek with her gadgets...

Cardi: Forever 21; tank: AE (favorite tank!! soo comfy...); jeans: Royal Bones (Hot Topic); shoes: thrifted

Vintage necklace from my Nana and the kitty diamond necklace dangling below is Danbury Mint, a graduation necklace from Gramps

I bought myself new sneakers as motivation to workout. No, not as a resolution. Honestly, who keeps those after the first week?? I'm losing my college flab and getting back to my pre-Thanksgiving body.

I woke up early-ish to workout this morning...9 is early for break!
Hello, sexy Curves neoprene shorts. They've never fit on top...and they make me really really sweaty and gross but isn't that the point?

Welcome back, abs! I wasn't really the most fit (hell, I run funny and not very fast) but I always had my abs and that's always something, right??

Also with working out, it's an excuse to wear my new sports bras! I love sports bras because they're comfy and hold everything in when I want to run and such but always a pain to find ones that are functional for my chest...the pretty ones from Old Navy and VS just won't cut it! Champion works wonders for meh.

Leaving you with this fine woman. She's great! And I need to find something to wear....I've half-heartedly been trying to do fancy Friday but it just hasn't taken for me yet...need to get dressed in any case.


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