Friday, January 27, 2012

Quiet Friday

Today I had the third tumble in a Mummy sent me a care package so I went to pick it up...picked it up from the package room and hurried up the steps to drop it off at my dorm. Unfortunately, I managed to trip on the last step and tripped :(

On the upside, nothing in my box broke (which I didn't have time to open until after 4 since I had work and class). But...I bloodied my knee...which I did not notice until I had walked across campus and Katie pointed it out that I had a giant blood spot on my tights. Hmm...explains the funny looks I received from people.

Naturally, I was wearing tan tights so my blood really showed....and my knee is almost green, it is so bruised haha. Honestly, why did I received class klutz last year for the yearbook??

I like the way my legs look in these pictures....don't think me vain or anything. I'm quite the opposite, really.

Relaxing tonight...trying not to hurt myself any further. I'm feeling pretty safe in my bed watching She's the Man with Jess and Mr. Hippy. Going to enjoy reading The Hunger Games afterwards for a bit...yes, yes, I've jumped on the bandwagon to see what all the fuss was. It's really not so's really good!

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