Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A rare occurrence

60° in January? Really? Awesome!! Perhaps Tuesday is turning in my favor and may like me after all....

Or not...I went to the gym, cycled hard for 20 mins since I was short on time and my knee is bothering me. The non-bruised knee. Conflabbit. I'm simply falling apart!

But back to the weather...I didn't even need a coat today! :D

I wore my Pop Pop's Cedar Cliff sweater....I wish it smelled like him :/

I dug out my purple-y blue Nine West flats for today....and attempted to capture the bright sunshine outside!

I'm quite tired for some odd reason...hmmm....perhaps I'm in need of more sleep. Oh, sleep, how I miss you oh-so-much during the day! Not that I'm obsessed with it! But dreams offer such lovely images, so vivid and meh I sound a bit non-sensical but I find that's ok in some matters.

I'm off to be non-sensical til dream sets in....hot chocolate awaits.

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