Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Over and Over and Over again...

The rain has begun so it has become a tad bit nippy noodles....layered it up with socks over my tights.

Completely forgot my hair was piled on top of my head. It almost looks greasy in the pic...whoops! It's really just still damp from the shower, I swear!

Cardi: Land's End; dress: find in a small Austrian boutique; belt: vintage; tights: Leggs; socks: Forever 21; bangles: AE and Charlotte Russe

Heels: thrifted
Sweet closet find! Haven't seen (or worn) these in a while...

Decided to paint my nails a different color. I have self-diagnosed nail polish OCD. I hate chips and the like...hence why I used to rarely wear it. So goodbye, sophistocated black creme color, hello Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!

Letting my hair down....I really love the color of my walls and can't help showing them off!

I think I took these with my webcam to show my makeup. I really like the silver eyeliner around my eyes are very brown today! They change sometimes...they used to be a really pretty greenish color. Oh, green eyes, you so pwetty! I like my Fajer's eyes. He has soft brown eyes that have almost a purple-y color around the outside...

I'm feeling quite famished now...time to see Mummy about sup ;)

Love, love, love her voice...


  1. Cute outfit. Good luck with your studies!