Monday, January 30, 2012

Money Monday

On my way to class, thinking to myself as I usually do...we've been reading chapters from Susan Bordo's Unbearable Weight and something really piqued (lovely word!) my interest. It was discussing women and weight...those who can afford to indulge in food are the ones who are depriving themselves of it. So...thinking about this, I can see that perspective. No, one should not starve themselves blah blah blah <insert lecture here>. We're all heard this (mainly women, but men as well) yet we all, to some extent, worry about our looks and weight.

This started a chain of thought (as often occurs when I'm in a pensive mood) and brought me to thinking about education...spending money on education over excess food (such as nasty junk food I crave so damn much sometimes!). And came to this conclusion...spending money on knowledge would result in something priceless, knowledge; spending money on that milkshake, or whatever consummable food product, will buy the food, but once consumed, is gone, temporarily satisfying that hunger.

Then again, in a way, we have an insatiable hunger for knowledge. I know I do...languages have always fascinated me since I was little. I bought a book on how to speak Tolkien's Elvish language when I was 9, I was in love!

Hmm...I'm not supporting starvation in order to go to school, no...these are merely my thoughts on the matter.

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