Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nostalgic git.

Reflecting back to this week today (yes, I'm aware the weekend was not over yet today), I became rather nostaligic....part of my love for Disney movies isn't simply the vulgar messages in which I've become attuned, but because of all the times I would watch them growing up. Oh my, I'm a big kid now.

These are from Friday...I've had quite a long weekend and simply must apologize for neglecting...

Orange top: AE; tank: PacSun; jeans: Hot Topic; shoes: Forever 21

peep of leopard print tank under my orange striped top

Wrestling watch with bangles from Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe

To sum up the weekend: busy, tiring, yet altogether fun (for lack of a more colorful word).....rekindling an old friendship, roommate time with Jess, and catch-up time with Katie today since she went home for the weekend.

I managed to finish the rest of my homework....found a lovely quote in Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments:
"Spell checkers are the greatest invention since peanut butter."
 That had my mind naturally whirling about in state of thinking of some of my favorite words. One of my favorite words is "albeit," albeit I simply love the phrase, "haven't the foggiest idea." It sounds quite British, therefore it reminds me of Harry Potter, and subsequently makes me smile every dang time I say it.

Sleep debt kicking in for payout.
Good night, night owls.

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