Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm not sure how evident it may seem, but I'm fairly confident....there's the old cliché stating "confidence is key," but it really is... (some clichés are pretty darn accurate).

Let me tell you about my nighttime roomie Katie and I decided to go the C-store (our campus convenience store) and I was already in my pj's but it was a bit nippy...yet, I still didn't want to go to the hassle of putting pants on. Solution? Black thigh-high socks, leopard print booties, and threw on my fur coat over my cow print boxer shorts. Not my greatest look, but hey, I was warm.

shirt says: What happened to my life?

button-up: Old Navy; tank: American Apparel (warped tour 2010); jeans: Hot Topic; bracelets: Charlotte Russe

I actually wore pants today! It was cleavage Thursday so there's a modest bit in there...I get to sleep in a bit more tomorrow. Hmm what to wear, what to wear. I managed to fall down quite hard this weekend and have lovely bruise accessories on my legs. Too bad blue's not really my color...meh. I'll work with what I have haha

attempting to show my shoes with my

Pretty Steve Maddens! It rained today so my tootsies were a bit wet but worth it...I liiiiiiike the leopard print!

We shall see what tomorrow brings...a bit more rain grumble grumble.
Practice that confident strut!

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