Monday, January 9, 2012


I've been continuing the Harry Potter movie marathon with myself whilst cleaning my room up...

The walls are all painted and dry so I've been slowly getting things organized once more, attempting to restore order out of the jumble of stuff that occupy my bedroom.

Saturday I went to the movies after painting all day...The Devil Inside was freaky nonetheless but would not recommend it to anyone. Yes, I was a bit disturbed (although I do love a good creepy movie) but the ending was dumb dumb dumb -_-

Waiting for paint to dry behind my wall, hence the step-ladder and fan. I love the color of my room now. What do you think?

Don't mind the mess on my dresser...or in my room in general...slowly putting it back together whilst simultaneously getting rid of things...

Fedora: Target; blue top: AE; black tank: ambiance apparel; jeans: Arizone (first skinnies-from 7th grade!); booties: Forever 21

Testing out my new camera yesterday before heading to the shooting range with my Fajer. I can shoot pretty well for never shooting before :)

Bullseye with the rifle and the 45 and a few hits with the 30 carbine. I didn't do so well with the 22 or 22 magnum...30 carbine has quite a kick and startled me...

I may have found my new hobby.

Off to donate blood soon...threw on my jeans from yesterday, a fresh tank, and a button-down.

I'll be needing some sleep in a few hours....

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