Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Suit up, men.

It may not yet be no pants Wednesday...but since when has that (or the weather) stopped me?

Button-down: Old Navy; Belt: Forever 21; Skirt: Nollie; Bracelet: Salisbury Pewter

Close-up on my Betsey Johnson tights...aren't the hearts cute?

Wet n Wild Blue Moon and Black Creme (on ring finger)
Feeling girly...painted my nails yesterday with the random one a different color. Break the rules: mix blue with black!

Le grrr....annoyance about painting nails: those ridges that appear from sleeping even though you especially make sure it's hours before bedtime.

Oh well...nail OCD hasn't kicked in yet. Just surprised I kept most of the color on my nails and off my skin :)

Off to a wrestling match! Boy, I miss all the excitement of weighing in and getting ready for the mat...

Go Bisons!

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