Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Oh my Giddeons.

I officially started class today...Ethics at 12:30 then work from 2-3:30.

First, work, since it'll take the least amount of time to discuss....we were swamped! But it's one of the things I've missed about LVC...I like working there. I literally sealed 1000s of envelopes today...

Ethics was...well, quite frankly, interesting and rather intriguing. It seemed overwhelming today but then again, most classes seem that way the first day of class. I always get a little nervous the first day of class...the jitters, if you will.

 As you can see, I found a new place for pics since our room is slightly rearranged...need to find a decent spot for pics. Hmm.... back to semi-organized/messy desk with random junk strewn on any availably cleared space :P

My friend Melissa gave me the adorable headband pictured above...feathers! :D

Jess and I are going to yoga later tonight! ....and convincing Nate to go with us. Mwahahaha. He'll love it.

And a happy birthday to Zooey Deschanel as well as my friend Bryan.

Have a lovel-E evening...I must read for Ethics and a bit more of The View from Lazy Point for English.

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