Monday, January 30, 2012

Mumble Mumble

Perhaps Monday should be designated as Lazy Monday, much as there is no pants Wednesday and cleavage Thursday. I actually wore pants today! Twas truly nippy noodles out today...made me think of penguin!

Also realized I had forgotten to put on my bracelet from big brother before I took outfit pics...

I found sweater when I was home on break...and you can see my lovely bruise through my rip. Honestly, I bought the jeans intact....they've simply been loved. A lot. They were my favorite pair from ninth grade so I guess it's saying something if I can still get my buns in them.

I promise...they look worse in person. I just found a new bruise on  my left leg...(these are both from my left leg by the way). I'm quite I sleepwalk and run into walls at night?? My clumsiness is not a good thing...or else I bruise easily. Hmmmm.....

Thinking a lot lately...a strange interest of mine. I find the history of war fascinating....not the loss of life, but rather the causes and effects, the strategies used by long-gone leaders, many centuries forgotten, and the advancements in technology and weaponry. At the same time, it's quite frightening how humans have basically become more efficient at killing one another. It's almost bone-chilling...

Hmm on a happier note...I finished The Hunger Games! I finished it whilst cycling at the gym. Oh, how I love the gym. I simply hate walking in the fweezing cold to get there! Not a fan of cold....albeit I love shoveling snow. Go figure.

Quiet night....perhaps a get-ahead-in-homework night :D

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