Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Close...

Title of song currently playing...So Close by Jon Mclaughlin....

Off to another home wreslting match. I look über cute if I do say so myself...which I do...ha ha good one!

I'm feeling well today (and more importantly, good about myself!) despite being ill this morning :(  Reading Theo the Kindle and enjoying a heating pad on my ever-increasingly kaputt back for a few hours certainly made me feel much better!

Now I must be when I return of yesterday's outfit as well as tonight's. I dug out my high-waisted pants yesterday! .........after I found them. I put them on to go shopping wif my Mummy, changed, threw them somewhere, and went on an intense hunt for them yesterday.

They felt my wrath.

And other good news before I go...I've lost 8 lbs since being home and quite proud of myself.

Hobey ho, let's go Bisons!

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