Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The niceties

In ethics we discuss whether morals are innate, learned, or perhaps a combination of both...Valgenti blows my mind at times but in a good way (hate the vague word "good" by the way...). It's quite interesting and makes me think as opposed to my usual comfort zone of memorization, learning, regurgitation for test, read book, etc. for other classes. Again, I don't mind this traditional approach, but thinking over these seemingly impossible-to-answer concepts keeps me entertained!

Digging through my closet this morning and stumbling upon this shirt made me miss Austria....I found it in a little shop and I don't believe I even tried it on. It was adorable, I loved the sleeves, and that was that.

A friend (male, simply for reference) told me my tights looked like they had triangles on them. They are hearts....some may wear their heart on their sleeves, I chose Betsey Johnson tights. hehehe see what I did there?

vintage costume jewelry c/o my Nana
I paired my vintage necklace with my turtle necklace. The turtle's name is Lance. He was a prezzie from a former beau.

Steve Maddens haven't fallen apart...yet...

Twas delish!

Mwahahaha ha
Sipped my hot chocolate, pondering life, chiefly (I like that word!) my own. This may be the beginning of a word obsession...oh dear, oh dear, oh deary, dear, dear.

I'm quite happy with myself...a phenomenom many years in the making, let me tell you. I've simply come to terms with who I am in the past few months.

And I painted my nails today! Girly skill conquered! (maybe...)

On the brightside, the tears have turned to laughter in my room (not on my end). Hobey Ho! :)

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