Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snuggle weather

I love sleeping...I find dreams so lovely; my dreams are quite vivid with very minute details. When I have nightmares, they usually repeat themselves several times, each with a different ending. It's very strange....

Today was definitely snuggling was so chilly! I snuggled up with Theo the Kindle and read a little while before leaving to run a few errands with Mummy.

Sweater: Old Navy; tank: Old Navy; leggings: Aerie; booties: Forever 21

I was finally able to put up my posters and wall d├ęcor on the walls! The lovely ladies behind me are inspiration and serve as a reminder to go after what I want in life...don't be afraid to go after your goals or stay strong in the face of adversaries.

Mummy and I found this coat in the closet...she said it was my Nana's. I love it!! Nana always had/has the neatest things!

Tum tum full from the delicious spaghetti dinner we had from the Trinity Church youth group...mmmmm

I'm sleepy, Mum and I are watching Judge Judy and The People's Court. Oh, America...some of your people are quite entertaining to say the least haha

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