Monday, January 2, 2012

clean up your act.

Spent part of today cleaning my room some's not that is that dirty; it is simply in great need of organization and purging of junk and/or things for which I no longer have need.

For such acts....simple day in a white men's tee and jeans for errands.

For some reason, Mummy gave me a nonplussed look when asking about my cleaning....I pretty much cleared my dresser off, getting rid of some of the junk accumulating upon it, but I chose not to dust. Silly Mummy...she should know by now I absolutely abhor dusting.

It grosses me out.

I was already a bit freaked out by the dustbunnies and cobwebs under my bed...

Made some Apfel Kuchen (apple cake) with my Mummy today and twas delish! That was pretty much the time supper came about, my belly was quite full and content.

Have some new music to jam to, courtesy of Lovely.

Nursing a bellyache atm so bedtime shall swift be approaching...

But enjoy this pretty song:

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