Monday, January 28, 2013

Wild child

I'm becoming such a little devil...devil's spawn! I keep joining the bandwagon late on these shows and finding out why people are so addicted. Newest show [now that I've almost finished the third season of Downton Abbey online since the UK is ahead of the US airing], I'm begun watching The Walking Dead.

Holy crap.

Good show. Makes me giggle most of the time. Am I the only one? Maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor...I find the 'walkers' hysterical. Except when they chomp a big chunk out of someone's arm. That's rather rude.

Plan is to watch the last episode of Downton Abbey [S3E9] tonight with my friend Justin, who is also a fan. For now....I have a little bit of homework, so I'm watching The Walking Dead whilst doing so. I'm on season 2 already.

Yesterday's cozy outfit:

Brown sweater: Old Navy; floral tank [underneath sweater]: Old Navy; tuxedo pants: AE; loafers: Nine West
Dang. I must say, my legs look nice in this picture....yays for gym!

Keep going with your New Year's Resolution :)

Aaaaaand: how I feel on Mondays:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday Favorites...posted on Saturday

I knew there were exciting things going I waited until now to post :)

  • This little heartbreaker is my favorite kitty, despite the kitty abuse I receive from him. His claws are his way of he tells me.

  • This color is my favorite yet. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the color name...or brand. Goodness, I'm useless tonight.

  • Ouija board tee from Hot Topic, though.
  • Jeweled color from my Nana

  • Saturday's Market in Harrisburg is a nifty place. Definitely add it to your list if you're in the area.

  • Bought another lovely ring from Dana's jewelry stand! She has such neat jewelry, one-of-a-kind gems [see what I did there?]. Ok, pun fail.

  • I love finding pics on my camera...I forget to upload them onto my computer for days, weeks....but this was for a date with Lovely. Have I posted this before??

  • Cotton + peplum ftw.

  • Blazers are the absolute best...I wear them all year long. This one from Forever 21 is from this past summer.

Ever notice you seem to be drawn to certain articles of clothing...every single day? As a girl, on a daily basis I think that I have nothing to wear because I just want to wear the same things every day....sometimes I want to wear everything at once because it's so dang cold out.

  • My sister is one of my favorites. I drove in a snow storm to see her. And I needed toothpaste. Awkward moment when you're a college student and you can't walk to a store and run out of toothpaste and there's a snow storm. Seriously. Life....ha

  • Oh, but she bought me some whilst she was out at the store. Hence why she's my favorite. Well, and because she's pretty great. But thank you for the toothpaste. My breath smells lovely! And she fed me. She's so nice to me!

  • My friend Isaiah gave me some advice...he said when he's sad, he uses it as creative fuel....which made me remember how neglectful I was being with this post! Thank you, Isaiah :) and he sings Hakuna Matata. That's pretty rad.
Stay warm, lovely's cold out! Il niege et ill est froid beaucoup!

French test Wednesday....getting my practice in now!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Love the Skin You're In

Isn't this the Dove slogan?

This article is incredibly honest and addresses the matter of the new "war" that seems to be arising between curvy women and thin women...if it could be even warranted a war.

Insecurities exist. One can never get away from them. Even the most confident have their quarrels with themselves.

Imperfection makes you perfect.

Hmm perhaps Thursday should be wisdom/advice day. I seem to be full of wisdom on Thursdays...then Friday comes around, and all I want to do is sleep.

Ruby lips and a bold cateye are a great way to cheer up a dull, blustery day

It's bitterly cold and all I want to do is buddle up in sweaters and blankets and be a cozy polar bear and hibernate until spring.

I want to cuddle with this little guy.....

Total heartbreaker.

Keep warm! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! Hard to believe I've been at school for almost two weeks already...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Favorites: Back to Class

A little wrap-up of the week:

I'm back at school and a new semester has begun! Monday was fairly low-key with some black pants that are really running pants but I wear them as thick leggings even when I'm not running because they're pretty darn comfy, and a crop top that surprisingly worked out decently because the pants are slightly high-waisted i.e. they come to my belly-button.

I'm only taking 5 courses this that shall be a little less pressure and time constrain than last. 18 credits was brutal, not going to lie. No wonder I slept so much over break...had to recover!

  • Movie dates with Lovely...tonight we watched the original Tron movie
    TRON Poster
    c/o IMDb

  • Yoga...I finally have time to make it to workout classes at the gym!
  • Downton Abbey
  • Laughing Cow queso fresco and chipotle cheese wedges
  • Salad with minimal French dressing and a bunch of Sriracha

  • Finding awesome prezzies for people I love.
c/o Google images

This is Radar:

May his soul rest in peace in ferret heaven and may he find many socks to steal and're going to be greatly missed, buddy. Just know that you were loved and your brother will wreak havoc in your stead.
Goodbye, little guy

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weirdos and Wallabies

"'cause I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here?"

I just now realized that this is a Radiohead cover. And I have a general liking of Radiohead. How did I not know this? Hmm...maybe I should get out more....instead of sitting in and watching episode upon episode of Downton Abbey, my new addiction. P.S. I'm on season 2 now!! eh....according to the site where I watch them for free(!) so as to catch up.

Ingrid Michaelson, you and I could get along. I am a weirdo. I don't dress like everyone else; I don't think like everyone else. I trip over things and get excited when I don't rip my tights in the process [today's feat].

I wear my Nana's old fur coat because it's warm and cozy and pretty darn neat, a word from the former glory days of the US. I believe one should work their ass off and be rewarded instead of having this sense of entitlement as I've observed in many of my generation.

I applaud those who aren't afraid to be themselves, to be an individual. I implore those who feel stigmatized because they don't want to risk being seen as a little different, to be different. Pluck up, and tell people about your secret talent, wear that piece of jewelry from someone special at which some may not find appealing, be girly, try on overalls, wear a pretty PINK bralette with some vintage high-waisted pants.

Wear what you like because you like it, not to assimilate. Don't try to be someone else. As Oscar Wilde said, "Be yourself; everyone else is taken."

And stock up on band-aids.

Oh, and this looks simply terrifying. McDonald's is the Disney of fast ruins everything outside its traditional services.

McDonald's Offers France a High-Calorie McBaguette
c/o Businessweek

P.S. Disney references is to its buying of Lucasfilm.
How. Could. You. Defile. Star. Wars.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Favorite Friday

Dyslexic title.


Yay! Dancing Pikachu!

Have a lovely weekend, readers.

I'm enjoying my last few days before break is over...yes, Gen6 has been announced in conjunction with the upcoming October release of Pokémon X and Y. How dumb are those names, by the way?! I'm not really feeling this....the last generation of Pokémon was terrible. An ice cream cone is NOT a Pokémon.

Oh, Pokémon, you made my childhood bright.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

On Being a Lady

What does being a lady mean?

Being an obedient dormouse who politely offers cookies and nods her head and smiles whilst her husband entertains, looking perfectly polished from head to toe without a hair in place? I don't think so....trophy wives make me think of Barbie. While I used to love playing with and dressing up my Barbies, they never thought for themselves and did whatever ridiculous things a 6-year-old could imagine, like jumping from the table "cliff" into the "ocean."

Although, there is a huge difference between standing out, rebelling, and owning your feminine rights, and just being obnoxious. Yes, I read Cosmo and believe women should dress however makes them happy, owning their curves and wanting to feel sexy for themselves. Confidence should be a turn-on for yourself, not as a way to impress someone else, although looking pretty dang fine at a high school reunion is lovely payback against those bullies.

In short, own yourself, but with a little taste. Rudeness is never a pretty accessory. Express yourself. But please don't forget to wear proper underwear under your clothes. Much like a pair of shoes, an outfit can be drastically altered for the worse due to choosing improper underwear...

As is my personal mantra: I do what I love, and love what I do.

Perfection is boring. Cookie cutters are only acceptable for cookies.

Friday, January 4, 2013

First Friday Favorites

Happy New Year!!

"Lemme give you some trash talk."

Watching The Campaign with Lovely. Spending my last few days with him as much as possible...

  • When it comes to working out...wear a cute sports bra or colorful pants, anything that will serve as an incentive to get your bum moving! I love black, but I have pink and teal as well.

  • Tassled shoes! Grown-up and polished
Pink&Pepper brand

  • Sleeping in flannels, whether it be flannel pj's or flannel sheets. Sooo cozy in the winter. Victoria's Secret flannels are the best.

  • Finally found a peplum I liked that isn't made out of some terrible print or nasty material that itches out the wazoo. Cotton feels so lovely against the skin...

  • "They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!" Or rather, the Hobbits have infiltrated the kitchens of Denny's. Mmmm Hobbit-inspired menu at Denny's. My bestie, Heidi, and I each had the One Ring burger. So delicious. Worth checking out!

  • Heidi and I: besties since sixth grade. Sums up our relationship:

  • Date nights....Lovely and I got dolled up and went out to eat. Fried calimari is a new favorite.

  • Another home favorite: Spaghetti-o's. Delicious and nutritious. They remind me of I felt as though I was in childhood paradise: eating spaghetti-o's whilst I watched Tangled. Bliss.
  • Relaxing on winter break and seeing friends and family. Ultimate favorite of the new year.
Enjoying The Campaign now....chilling in my favorite Gap jeggings and an Aerie comfy tank with a ballerina bun.