Monday, January 28, 2013

Wild child

I'm becoming such a little devil...devil's spawn! I keep joining the bandwagon late on these shows and finding out why people are so addicted. Newest show [now that I've almost finished the third season of Downton Abbey online since the UK is ahead of the US airing], I'm begun watching The Walking Dead.

Holy crap.

Good show. Makes me giggle most of the time. Am I the only one? Maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor...I find the 'walkers' hysterical. Except when they chomp a big chunk out of someone's arm. That's rather rude.

Plan is to watch the last episode of Downton Abbey [S3E9] tonight with my friend Justin, who is also a fan. For now....I have a little bit of homework, so I'm watching The Walking Dead whilst doing so. I'm on season 2 already.

Yesterday's cozy outfit:

Brown sweater: Old Navy; floral tank [underneath sweater]: Old Navy; tuxedo pants: AE; loafers: Nine West
Dang. I must say, my legs look nice in this picture....yays for gym!

Keep going with your New Year's Resolution :)

Aaaaaand: how I feel on Mondays: