Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Favorites: Back to Class

A little wrap-up of the week:

I'm back at school and a new semester has begun! Monday was fairly low-key with some black pants that are really running pants but I wear them as thick leggings even when I'm not running because they're pretty darn comfy, and a crop top that surprisingly worked out decently because the pants are slightly high-waisted i.e. they come to my belly-button.

I'm only taking 5 courses this that shall be a little less pressure and time constrain than last. 18 credits was brutal, not going to lie. No wonder I slept so much over break...had to recover!

  • Movie dates with Lovely...tonight we watched the original Tron movie
    TRON Poster
    c/o IMDb

  • Yoga...I finally have time to make it to workout classes at the gym!
  • Downton Abbey
  • Laughing Cow queso fresco and chipotle cheese wedges
  • Salad with minimal French dressing and a bunch of Sriracha

  • Finding awesome prezzies for people I love.
c/o Google images

This is Radar:

May his soul rest in peace in ferret heaven and may he find many socks to steal and're going to be greatly missed, buddy. Just know that you were loved and your brother will wreak havoc in your stead.
Goodbye, little guy