Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday Favorites...posted on Saturday

I knew there were exciting things going I waited until now to post :)

  • This little heartbreaker is my favorite kitty, despite the kitty abuse I receive from him. His claws are his way of he tells me.

  • This color is my favorite yet. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the color name...or brand. Goodness, I'm useless tonight.

  • Ouija board tee from Hot Topic, though.
  • Jeweled color from my Nana

  • Saturday's Market in Harrisburg is a nifty place. Definitely add it to your list if you're in the area.

  • Bought another lovely ring from Dana's jewelry stand! She has such neat jewelry, one-of-a-kind gems [see what I did there?]. Ok, pun fail.

  • I love finding pics on my camera...I forget to upload them onto my computer for days, weeks....but this was for a date with Lovely. Have I posted this before??

  • Cotton + peplum ftw.

  • Blazers are the absolute best...I wear them all year long. This one from Forever 21 is from this past summer.

Ever notice you seem to be drawn to certain articles of clothing...every single day? As a girl, on a daily basis I think that I have nothing to wear because I just want to wear the same things every day....sometimes I want to wear everything at once because it's so dang cold out.

  • My sister is one of my favorites. I drove in a snow storm to see her. And I needed toothpaste. Awkward moment when you're a college student and you can't walk to a store and run out of toothpaste and there's a snow storm. Seriously. Life....ha

  • Oh, but she bought me some whilst she was out at the store. Hence why she's my favorite. Well, and because she's pretty great. But thank you for the toothpaste. My breath smells lovely! And she fed me. She's so nice to me!

  • My friend Isaiah gave me some advice...he said when he's sad, he uses it as creative fuel....which made me remember how neglectful I was being with this post! Thank you, Isaiah :) and he sings Hakuna Matata. That's pretty rad.
Stay warm, lovely's cold out! Il niege et ill est froid beaucoup!

French test Wednesday....getting my practice in now!

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