Thursday, January 10, 2013

On Being a Lady

What does being a lady mean?

Being an obedient dormouse who politely offers cookies and nods her head and smiles whilst her husband entertains, looking perfectly polished from head to toe without a hair in place? I don't think so....trophy wives make me think of Barbie. While I used to love playing with and dressing up my Barbies, they never thought for themselves and did whatever ridiculous things a 6-year-old could imagine, like jumping from the table "cliff" into the "ocean."

Although, there is a huge difference between standing out, rebelling, and owning your feminine rights, and just being obnoxious. Yes, I read Cosmo and believe women should dress however makes them happy, owning their curves and wanting to feel sexy for themselves. Confidence should be a turn-on for yourself, not as a way to impress someone else, although looking pretty dang fine at a high school reunion is lovely payback against those bullies.

In short, own yourself, but with a little taste. Rudeness is never a pretty accessory. Express yourself. But please don't forget to wear proper underwear under your clothes. Much like a pair of shoes, an outfit can be drastically altered for the worse due to choosing improper underwear...

As is my personal mantra: I do what I love, and love what I do.

Perfection is boring. Cookie cutters are only acceptable for cookies.

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