Friday, January 4, 2013

First Friday Favorites

Happy New Year!!

"Lemme give you some trash talk."

Watching The Campaign with Lovely. Spending my last few days with him as much as possible...

  • When it comes to working out...wear a cute sports bra or colorful pants, anything that will serve as an incentive to get your bum moving! I love black, but I have pink and teal as well.

  • Tassled shoes! Grown-up and polished
Pink&Pepper brand

  • Sleeping in flannels, whether it be flannel pj's or flannel sheets. Sooo cozy in the winter. Victoria's Secret flannels are the best.

  • Finally found a peplum I liked that isn't made out of some terrible print or nasty material that itches out the wazoo. Cotton feels so lovely against the skin...

  • "They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!" Or rather, the Hobbits have infiltrated the kitchens of Denny's. Mmmm Hobbit-inspired menu at Denny's. My bestie, Heidi, and I each had the One Ring burger. So delicious. Worth checking out!

  • Heidi and I: besties since sixth grade. Sums up our relationship:

  • Date nights....Lovely and I got dolled up and went out to eat. Fried calimari is a new favorite.

  • Another home favorite: Spaghetti-o's. Delicious and nutritious. They remind me of I felt as though I was in childhood paradise: eating spaghetti-o's whilst I watched Tangled. Bliss.
  • Relaxing on winter break and seeing friends and family. Ultimate favorite of the new year.
Enjoying The Campaign now....chilling in my favorite Gap jeggings and an Aerie comfy tank with a ballerina bun.

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