Thursday, January 24, 2013

Love the Skin You're In

Isn't this the Dove slogan?

This article is incredibly honest and addresses the matter of the new "war" that seems to be arising between curvy women and thin women...if it could be even warranted a war.

Insecurities exist. One can never get away from them. Even the most confident have their quarrels with themselves.

Imperfection makes you perfect.

Hmm perhaps Thursday should be wisdom/advice day. I seem to be full of wisdom on Thursdays...then Friday comes around, and all I want to do is sleep.

Ruby lips and a bold cateye are a great way to cheer up a dull, blustery day

It's bitterly cold and all I want to do is buddle up in sweaters and blankets and be a cozy polar bear and hibernate until spring.

I want to cuddle with this little guy.....

Total heartbreaker.

Keep warm! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! Hard to believe I've been at school for almost two weeks already...


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  2. Lovely photos! You're so cute.:)