Saturday, May 30, 2015

Diet of a n00b employee

Here's to two weeks at my new place of employment. *clink*

A take a genuine sense of pride in the fact that someone is believing in me and sees the potential I have packed away, ready for the opportunity to let it shine forth.

As many others may be able to relate, I've always been my biggest critic, putting myself to the test time and time again for improvement and to push myself, setting goals well outside my limit to see how far I can go to get to that point. There have been times where I've beaten myself up over these unobtainable goals or became as burnt out as a short candle wick in a pool of wax, but by never stopping, I've been able to accomplish quite a bit.

I realize I'm rambling quite a bit....but reflection is healthy, particularly in hectic times when there seems no room to think except on the task at hand.

47 hours worked this week....and this was a short week. Looking at that number alone feels pretty good inside, a little bubble of pride forming, knowing I can do this.

I do this for the loans, wine, and sushi.

Found the motherload of snacks at the hospital....and earned a few disapproving looks.

My healthy sandwich had already been consumed in the office, but mental breaks are crucial, especially in managerial positions.

Irony: hospitals are where one goes to be healthy, yet looking around, I'm receiving disapproving glances from a few who don't look anything near healthy...

I will eat what garbage I want to balance out my greens, thank you.

Tree's thoughtful gesture: Swiss chocolate.

He knows how to boost my spirits.

You keep your watered-down Hershey's faux-colate.

Guacamole adds pizzazz to any dish....seeing this picture again is causing me to salivate. maybe I'm not eating the best at work. Point taken.

Please take a full minute [or 20] to fully appreciate the beautiful image of GoT mixed with a proper Belgian ale.

Thank you, Wegman's, the grocery store meca of Central Pennsylvania.

Aaaaand I've leave you with this Persian long hair attacking monsters.

My savior.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Adventures with a rock star

Although he may insist otherwise, Tree is a total rock star in the sense that he lives life to the fullest, planning only when necessary, and loving what he is doing [and making a living off of it, which is also important nowadays for loans, noms, and a roof]. This kind of attitude is rather infectious in the best sort of way.

Oh! and of course he sings with a voice that would make the angels weep and the punkiest group shed a few amongst them, all while shaking his bum for the ladies and expertly dancing his fingers along his bass.

After a long weekend of training at my new job, followed by a shift at the library from opening until close, I was ready for some fun that did not require much thought and allowed for freer, less professional clothing that didn't feel so constricting.

Started the night off in Catawissa, PA for a graduation party for one of my wonderful friends. Good food, great people, beautiful sunset. These are the nights for which I live....

Headed to Milton, PA to catch some of Phil's friends playing. As there was chalk provided and the precedent of others' names was already in place, of course I added mine to the bunch!

>girly heart and curly cursive, no less<

Thank goodness I thought to bring my fail-proof jacket to not only spice up the outfit, but for practically purposes aka warmth.

New button-up dress from Forever 21, accessorized with some of my all-time favorite pieces: Michael Kors bag, Star Wars belt, black suede lace-up wedges, and a lovely mauve lippy.

Evening would not be complete without some silly faces, a few beers in.

Thank you to friends for being our DD to ensure we were safe and could go a little wild! If you're going to drink, have a solid plan for the night.

On Sunday, Tree and I went to the TasteFest helped at the Mt. Hope winery aka the Renaissance Faire grounds. So strange to see it without the costumes and added to the odd mix.

Clearfield REPRESENT!!!! My hometown wineries were here! Bee Kind Winery and Starr Hill Winery are my two absolute favorites. Starr Hill is just in the next small town near me and it was so wonderful to see and taste familiar wines.

The buffalo chicken mac n cheese sold at the fair made the day complete.

After a long afternoon in the sun, Tree and I came back for some relax time.... Chicken stir-fry with some Bone Dry Red from Bee Kind Winery.

Who goes to a wine festival without buying any wine??

Surprisingly enough, we did not finish the bottle for dinner, so Happy Memorial Day to me indeed. Resting up for a nice long week [12 straight days] of work.

Wine + reading make for a pleasant afternoon...happy reading, y'all.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sundays: last minute travel opportunity before the week hits

A much needed day to recharge my internal ants-in-the-pants batteries and appease my ever-ravaging wanderlust...

 First stop: Dylan's for a quick lunch of crab dip. I was rather craving sushi....but nothing seemed to open in this small town until noon, much to my chagrin. Waiting 40 minutes for sushi to open did not sound like a good way to waste my time....nor was there a store nearby in which I'd like to waste my time either.

Good noms in East Berlin, but not likely to venture out here again... Adding it to the list of been-there-done-that places. Bartender was not the kindest.

From East Berlin, I ventured over to New Oxford. By this point, the heat was rising and thus I was roasting in my black skinnies, having been told by that there were supposed to be slight drizzles.

Definitely wasn't complaining about the weather after the chilly days we had had at random this week and the few coming up.

This lovely antique store was a dealer's dream.... Not that I'm a dealer, but so many cool bits and bobs about! Found a wondrous book on WWII for my Fajer!
Most of the things, alas, were outside of meager price range at this point in my life....not quite raking in the dough. . . [yet]

Gettysburg has quickly become one of my favorite little towns to walk around... yes, there are corny little historic shops and many plaques nearby, pointing out that nearly everything is tied to the Civil War, but it's such a pretty town as well.

Being the granddaughter, niece, and daughter of war veterans, I find it important to pay homage to those soldiers who fought and died for their country, no matter what era.

Garryowen's Irish Pub did not disappoint. A "wee bit" of fish&chips, the smaller-portioned dish of the Irish and English favorite. Although I may be a bit of a snob because I had authentic fish&chips as my first experience with the delightful meal, this was done quite well.

And there was Carlsberg to boot.

A stop at an Irish pub is not complete with a Magners. . . . or two.

The one server suggested Crabbie's. Oh myyyy. Where can I find this near me?!? Perhaps Wegman's as that grocery store seems to be the king of grocery stores, if not only for their selection of beers, ales, and ciders. Don't judge.

And thus completed my nice little day trip before stopping to see my wild Tree.

Mini travels were juuust what my self-prescribing doctor ordered for those springtime blues.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Inner Thoughts of Loneliness

Loneliness is a curious creature, skulking about and lurking in the most inopportune moments.... It seems to rarely rear its ugly bitter head when there is no one around us, but rather when we are surrounded by bodies while shrouded by our inner thoughts. Perhaps it revers itself as a clever beast, casting its shadow when one is at a vulnerable point, often when one is feeling pensive and reflective of life, noticing that not all is as well as it seems or as social media perceives it to be.

Loneliness may hide in memories, fond memories at that. These fond memories remind us of what has past, what once was, and what shall very likely never be again, such as feeling crazy&wild, near the point of raving lunatic, in love with someone, that feverish feeling never quite returning to that splendid peak it had with someone carefree and open to the world since it was being combated with that special One. Even when that person is no longer in our lives to the same degree, we still crave those strong feelings of desire, both innocent and sexual. These feelings can be intoxicating, that person addictive. Once that addiction has healed, the addicted feel like half themselves...

At times I feel lonely, an odd sensation for one who loves solo adventures and enjoys the pleasure of my own company for dinner. Ironically, I can spend the entire day alone and not feel lonely, but it is often when I am surrounded by people for too long that I begin to feel these pangs of awkwardness and the inner loner begins to take over, longing for something....something I cannot name as I do not know how to feel this void from which I keep running.

Loneliness is not a pleasant feeling since I rarely have felt its little tethers before in my life, save for the past year and a half. And so it goes.

Tomorrow calls for another solo adventure, my odd little cure for this temporary mind blocks of feeling lonely. And so it goes.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Hour + Hot Vibes

Last night I got to work on my list of mini adventures, starting at a little bar in Elizabethtown called Lucky Ducks Bar and Grille.

Happy Hour truly is the best hour....except perhaps the witching hour.

1/2 off apps and $1 off lagers - heck yeah!

Today, Tree and I went on a little outing to Cornwall: the town in PA, not England [sadly].

We visited the Cornwall Iron Furnace, the only original standing furnace in the western hemisphere, according to the one sign in the visitors center.

Our tour guide was a witty with a hint of sass and we adored her spiel about the furnace. She was honestly such a pleasure to have! I really think the tour guide can sometimes make or break it....or at least make an experience more enjoyable.

Reminded me of Hagrid's house, no?
She said we were cute together after she asked if it was a date. *gush*

Afterwards, we visited the Bluebird Inn for a nice lunch before hitting the [short] road back to my place. Tree and I were both in the mood for fish: Ahi Tuna Wrap for him and the California Sriracha Mahi Mahi Wrap pour moi! Otter porter and blueberry wheat had by all.

So. dang. good.

Construction/detours bite, but eventually we made our way back...I sigh considerably over the added minute to our 24-minute trip ha.

And now for a quiet night. Planning on curling up with my book, The Storyteller, until my appetite returns after such a wonderfully filling lunch before snuggling in bed with Mr. Hippy and Harry the [stuffed] cat.

More adventures await, whether written on paper or experienced firsthand!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Life of a 22 year youngling

Has life ended now that I've graduated college? All the fun gone?

Hell no.

Still goofy. Still geeky. Still posing awkwardly.

My lovely ink - much to Mum's chagrin.

e.e.cummings holds a special place in my nogan...and this particular line, the end of one of his post famous poems, rings true.

Those I've had the privilege of having in my life and loving, all there, in my heart. A reminder that not all those I've loved are lost, but are nestled safely below my ample bosom, in my heart.

New LOTR skirt which depicts a map of Middle Earth! This beauty made its public debut at my friend's graduation party in Mechanicsburg. We danced, laughed, and sang the night away as younglings do, not yet fearful of what's yet to come.

Like Mordor, one does not simply walk to a happy ending. We must create one.

These wildlings: I hope to be seeing more of STT and their merch guy this summer, joining them on tour as a bandmate's sloth girlfriend might do.

For now, I'm working part-time, having just left my other part-time job. The new biggie girl job should be starting soon so that's exciting! In the meantime, the wanderlust adventurer in me is making lists of mini adventures to take, starting today, tomorrow, and Sunday, but not Saturday since I have work...

  • Cornwall Iron Furnace + Bluebird Inn, Cornwall, PA 
  • Further exploration of Gettysburg now that I'm old enough to appreciate it [daughter of a history buff, okay?]
  • Centralia, PA
  • Utz Factory, Hanover, PA
  • Turkey Hill Experience, Columbia, PA
  • Explore City Island & Harrisburg now that I can roam without a chaperon or wrist leash [yes, I had one of those as a child...]
  • Rhode Island
  • Cape May, NJ  
  • Nashville, TN 
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Toronto, Canada 

This is only the many places not yet uncovered nor visited just in this area! We shall see how far I get. And I'll be putting more effort in keeping you posted.

Hobey Ho, let's go!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Papa Roach...who?

As the post title may falsely suggest I do not Papa Roach, I think knowing "Scars," an anthem for many broken-hearted souls, counts for something. While not a mega fan, I still appreciate what they do and their vibe, opting to listen instead to similar bands like Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin.

Just an idea of how full the Chameleon Club was....masses of people well past the bathroom corridor, wall-to-wall.

We Are Harlot was act #2 before Papa Roach hit the stage and what the impression they left behind was mostly one of some nice background music and big 80s hair... I think I would have appreciated them much more if my social anxiety hadn't decided to flair by this point, having to fight through the throng of people while simultaneously squeezing my innards so as not to make a puddle on the floor.

Not too shabby of a viewpoint for a shortie against the wall....the opening act aka why I came out to this show.

I've posted before on them, but if you haven't had a chance to check them out yet, I implore you to give them a chance. DAYUM.

Small Town Titans put on another great show, making the crowd go APESHIT crazy with their originals and Uptown Funk cover. Personally, I can't stand Uptown Funk, but when they sing it, I found myself [willingly] singing along.

These guys will be going on tour soon and just might be coming to an area near you ;)

I might be slightly biased because the singer with the crooning 6-octave voice is my Tree, but I feel I'm a fairly objectionable person....if I didn't like the music that much, I wouldn't have them on my workout playlist or gush like a hormonal hyperactive teenager girl ha.

So proud of these talented guys. How many bands do you know who are asked to open for f*@<!^& Papa Roach?!

Pretty sure STT stole the show but...

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pompous Circumstances

Or, as others refer to it, Pomp and Circumstances, the traditional processional piece played for graduation with military origins. I could look up the actual origins of this rather catchy tune as a cure to my slight ignorance, but I'd rather remain in my bliss and use those 15 minutes of Google/Wikipedia research to put together this post for my [likely few, yet important all the same] readers.

Before I go off too far on my little tangent there....I walked with my college graduation class and thus ends my stint as an undergrad.

Sisters hold your hand through the good times and the bad, through tears and laughter. So happy I can call this lovely lady my sissy and one of my best friends.

My Fajer told me I could do and be whomever I please. Today I chose to be happy [and also taller].

While I'm just as close to my Mum as I am with him, I am definitely Daddy's buddy, as he lovingly called me. I might be a woman, but he had my back in wrestling, had me at the shooting range at age 9, and took my sis and I fishing.

He taught me the meaning of hard work, and I'd say it's pulling off. Magna cum laude with a completion of a BS in 3 1/2 years: I'd say I'm doing pretty well.

My best friend made the drive to see me!!! Heidi and I have been through all of the awkward phases and love and support one another through the curve balls of life. She's definitely my friend soul mate.

My Tree, feeling all sentimental. Crazy to think....four years ago, he was graduating from the same place and I only had an inkling of what may lay in store as I was getting ready for my senior high school prom.


I made the Lebanon Daily News for my cap! Made a stir in hs with my Farewell speech, making headlines with my cap for Uni. Seems fitting for this trouble maker ;)

And's done. Finished.

Onto the next adventure! Hobey Ho, let's go!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Stormtroopers in my posse

This weekend I had the pleasure and privilege to meet with some visitors from a galaxy far, far away....and just in time for Naked Day Star Wars Day!

Surprise! Totally derping.....

No makeup, no problem. My peeps did not seem to mind one bit.

Vader was a hottie before he went up in flames and despite the horrible things he ends up doing, he was, in a way, one of the greatest rebels [initially]. The Jedi Order had its flaws as much as the evil trying to prevail and Anakin was having none of that, attempting to do what he thought was right, aka not backstabbing someone.

Both sides can be corrupt...check out this clown on my left. The Stormtroopers can't all be bad if they have a sense of humor ;)

May the Fourth be with you!

Dutifully wore my Stormtrooper-in-a-suit pencil skirt to work today in honor of this rad day.