Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Papa Roach...who?

As the post title may falsely suggest I do not Papa Roach, I think knowing "Scars," an anthem for many broken-hearted souls, counts for something. While not a mega fan, I still appreciate what they do and their vibe, opting to listen instead to similar bands like Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin.

Just an idea of how full the Chameleon Club was....masses of people well past the bathroom corridor, wall-to-wall.

We Are Harlot was act #2 before Papa Roach hit the stage and what the impression they left behind was mostly one of some nice background music and big 80s hair... I think I would have appreciated them much more if my social anxiety hadn't decided to flair by this point, having to fight through the throng of people while simultaneously squeezing my innards so as not to make a puddle on the floor.

Not too shabby of a viewpoint for a shortie against the wall....the opening act aka why I came out to this show.

I've posted before on them, but if you haven't had a chance to check them out yet, I implore you to give them a chance. DAYUM.

Small Town Titans put on another great show, making the crowd go APESHIT crazy with their originals and Uptown Funk cover. Personally, I can't stand Uptown Funk, but when they sing it, I found myself [willingly] singing along.

These guys will be going on tour soon and just might be coming to an area near you ;)

I might be slightly biased because the singer with the crooning 6-octave voice is my Tree, but I feel I'm a fairly objectionable person....if I didn't like the music that much, I wouldn't have them on my workout playlist or gush like a hormonal hyperactive teenager girl ha.

So proud of these talented guys. How many bands do you know who are asked to open for f*@<!^& Papa Roach?!

Pretty sure STT stole the show but...

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