Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pompous Circumstances

Or, as others refer to it, Pomp and Circumstances, the traditional processional piece played for graduation with military origins. I could look up the actual origins of this rather catchy tune as a cure to my slight ignorance, but I'd rather remain in my bliss and use those 15 minutes of Google/Wikipedia research to put together this post for my [likely few, yet important all the same] readers.

Before I go off too far on my little tangent there....I walked with my college graduation class and thus ends my stint as an undergrad.

Sisters hold your hand through the good times and the bad, through tears and laughter. So happy I can call this lovely lady my sissy and one of my best friends.

My Fajer told me I could do and be whomever I please. Today I chose to be happy [and also taller].

While I'm just as close to my Mum as I am with him, I am definitely Daddy's buddy, as he lovingly called me. I might be a woman, but he had my back in wrestling, had me at the shooting range at age 9, and took my sis and I fishing.

He taught me the meaning of hard work, and I'd say it's pulling off. Magna cum laude with a completion of a BS in 3 1/2 years: I'd say I'm doing pretty well.

My best friend made the drive to see me!!! Heidi and I have been through all of the awkward phases and love and support one another through the curve balls of life. She's definitely my friend soul mate.

My Tree, feeling all sentimental. Crazy to think....four years ago, he was graduating from the same place and I only had an inkling of what may lay in store as I was getting ready for my senior high school prom.


I made the Lebanon Daily News for my cap! Made a stir in hs with my Farewell speech, making headlines with my cap for Uni. Seems fitting for this trouble maker ;)

And's done. Finished.

Onto the next adventure! Hobey Ho, let's go!

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