Monday, May 25, 2015

Adventures with a rock star

Although he may insist otherwise, Tree is a total rock star in the sense that he lives life to the fullest, planning only when necessary, and loving what he is doing [and making a living off of it, which is also important nowadays for loans, noms, and a roof]. This kind of attitude is rather infectious in the best sort of way.

Oh! and of course he sings with a voice that would make the angels weep and the punkiest group shed a few amongst them, all while shaking his bum for the ladies and expertly dancing his fingers along his bass.

After a long weekend of training at my new job, followed by a shift at the library from opening until close, I was ready for some fun that did not require much thought and allowed for freer, less professional clothing that didn't feel so constricting.

Started the night off in Catawissa, PA for a graduation party for one of my wonderful friends. Good food, great people, beautiful sunset. These are the nights for which I live....

Headed to Milton, PA to catch some of Phil's friends playing. As there was chalk provided and the precedent of others' names was already in place, of course I added mine to the bunch!

>girly heart and curly cursive, no less<

Thank goodness I thought to bring my fail-proof jacket to not only spice up the outfit, but for practically purposes aka warmth.

New button-up dress from Forever 21, accessorized with some of my all-time favorite pieces: Michael Kors bag, Star Wars belt, black suede lace-up wedges, and a lovely mauve lippy.

Evening would not be complete without some silly faces, a few beers in.

Thank you to friends for being our DD to ensure we were safe and could go a little wild! If you're going to drink, have a solid plan for the night.

On Sunday, Tree and I went to the TasteFest helped at the Mt. Hope winery aka the Renaissance Faire grounds. So strange to see it without the costumes and added to the odd mix.

Clearfield REPRESENT!!!! My hometown wineries were here! Bee Kind Winery and Starr Hill Winery are my two absolute favorites. Starr Hill is just in the next small town near me and it was so wonderful to see and taste familiar wines.

The buffalo chicken mac n cheese sold at the fair made the day complete.

After a long afternoon in the sun, Tree and I came back for some relax time.... Chicken stir-fry with some Bone Dry Red from Bee Kind Winery.

Who goes to a wine festival without buying any wine??

Surprisingly enough, we did not finish the bottle for dinner, so Happy Memorial Day to me indeed. Resting up for a nice long week [12 straight days] of work.

Wine + reading make for a pleasant afternoon...happy reading, y'all.

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