Saturday, May 30, 2015

Diet of a n00b employee

Here's to two weeks at my new place of employment. *clink*

A take a genuine sense of pride in the fact that someone is believing in me and sees the potential I have packed away, ready for the opportunity to let it shine forth.

As many others may be able to relate, I've always been my biggest critic, putting myself to the test time and time again for improvement and to push myself, setting goals well outside my limit to see how far I can go to get to that point. There have been times where I've beaten myself up over these unobtainable goals or became as burnt out as a short candle wick in a pool of wax, but by never stopping, I've been able to accomplish quite a bit.

I realize I'm rambling quite a bit....but reflection is healthy, particularly in hectic times when there seems no room to think except on the task at hand.

47 hours worked this week....and this was a short week. Looking at that number alone feels pretty good inside, a little bubble of pride forming, knowing I can do this.

I do this for the loans, wine, and sushi.

Found the motherload of snacks at the hospital....and earned a few disapproving looks.

My healthy sandwich had already been consumed in the office, but mental breaks are crucial, especially in managerial positions.

Irony: hospitals are where one goes to be healthy, yet looking around, I'm receiving disapproving glances from a few who don't look anything near healthy...

I will eat what garbage I want to balance out my greens, thank you.

Tree's thoughtful gesture: Swiss chocolate.

He knows how to boost my spirits.

You keep your watered-down Hershey's faux-colate.

Guacamole adds pizzazz to any dish....seeing this picture again is causing me to salivate. maybe I'm not eating the best at work. Point taken.

Please take a full minute [or 20] to fully appreciate the beautiful image of GoT mixed with a proper Belgian ale.

Thank you, Wegman's, the grocery store meca of Central Pennsylvania.

Aaaaand I've leave you with this Persian long hair attacking monsters.

My savior.

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