Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Hour + Hot Vibes

Last night I got to work on my list of mini adventures, starting at a little bar in Elizabethtown called Lucky Ducks Bar and Grille.

Happy Hour truly is the best hour....except perhaps the witching hour.

1/2 off apps and $1 off lagers - heck yeah!

Today, Tree and I went on a little outing to Cornwall: the town in PA, not England [sadly].

We visited the Cornwall Iron Furnace, the only original standing furnace in the western hemisphere, according to the one sign in the visitors center.

Our tour guide was a witty with a hint of sass and we adored her spiel about the furnace. She was honestly such a pleasure to have! I really think the tour guide can sometimes make or break it....or at least make an experience more enjoyable.

Reminded me of Hagrid's house, no?
She said we were cute together after she asked if it was a date. *gush*

Afterwards, we visited the Bluebird Inn for a nice lunch before hitting the [short] road back to my place. Tree and I were both in the mood for fish: Ahi Tuna Wrap for him and the California Sriracha Mahi Mahi Wrap pour moi! Otter porter and blueberry wheat had by all.

So. dang. good.

Construction/detours bite, but eventually we made our way back...I sigh considerably over the added minute to our 24-minute trip ha.

And now for a quiet night. Planning on curling up with my book, The Storyteller, until my appetite returns after such a wonderfully filling lunch before snuggling in bed with Mr. Hippy and Harry the [stuffed] cat.

More adventures await, whether written on paper or experienced firsthand!

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