Monday, May 18, 2015

Sundays: last minute travel opportunity before the week hits

A much needed day to recharge my internal ants-in-the-pants batteries and appease my ever-ravaging wanderlust...

 First stop: Dylan's for a quick lunch of crab dip. I was rather craving sushi....but nothing seemed to open in this small town until noon, much to my chagrin. Waiting 40 minutes for sushi to open did not sound like a good way to waste my time....nor was there a store nearby in which I'd like to waste my time either.

Good noms in East Berlin, but not likely to venture out here again... Adding it to the list of been-there-done-that places. Bartender was not the kindest.

From East Berlin, I ventured over to New Oxford. By this point, the heat was rising and thus I was roasting in my black skinnies, having been told by that there were supposed to be slight drizzles.

Definitely wasn't complaining about the weather after the chilly days we had had at random this week and the few coming up.

This lovely antique store was a dealer's dream.... Not that I'm a dealer, but so many cool bits and bobs about! Found a wondrous book on WWII for my Fajer!
Most of the things, alas, were outside of meager price range at this point in my life....not quite raking in the dough. . . [yet]

Gettysburg has quickly become one of my favorite little towns to walk around... yes, there are corny little historic shops and many plaques nearby, pointing out that nearly everything is tied to the Civil War, but it's such a pretty town as well.

Being the granddaughter, niece, and daughter of war veterans, I find it important to pay homage to those soldiers who fought and died for their country, no matter what era.

Garryowen's Irish Pub did not disappoint. A "wee bit" of fish&chips, the smaller-portioned dish of the Irish and English favorite. Although I may be a bit of a snob because I had authentic fish&chips as my first experience with the delightful meal, this was done quite well.

And there was Carlsberg to boot.

A stop at an Irish pub is not complete with a Magners. . . . or two.

The one server suggested Crabbie's. Oh myyyy. Where can I find this near me?!? Perhaps Wegman's as that grocery store seems to be the king of grocery stores, if not only for their selection of beers, ales, and ciders. Don't judge.

And thus completed my nice little day trip before stopping to see my wild Tree.

Mini travels were juuust what my self-prescribing doctor ordered for those springtime blues.

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