Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Plain Jane Nerd

Striped cropped pants and a tank are quite the dress down for me...but I woke up at quarter til 8 so I wasn't in the mood for all out dress.

However....had three of what are probably my favorite classes, or at least the three to which I was looking forward the most. Scratch that...I was looking forward to German. Yes, yes, international studies is fascinating and certainly a close second and English should be pretty great, though I was skeptical given past English classes, German is my passion. I find other languages simply smashing and the ability to speak them highly relevant and inspiring. Good grief, I sound utterly ridiculous right now.

Quite frankly, that's clean for my desk so far....absolutely love my briefcase. It feels so official.

Headband: Austrian Claire's store, tank: Victoria's Secret, cropped pants: AE, flats: Steve Madden.

Can be quite tricky to find a place for a full shot...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Class...

Official college kid now.

The hair of the girl on my shirt almost looks like a scarf....shirt from Charlotte Russe, skirt from Forever 21 possibly, Coexist bracelet.

 Already my desk is overflowing....can hardly see my desk calendar to write down assignments....luckily I know where everything is! As was in my bedroom, I'm messily organized. If that makes sense.

Love my sandals...but started giving me blisters :/  Running barefoot in the room for now....
Must read some microeconomics...wishing the reading was on Spartans like our class was today.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Manic Monday, I got this

Another day in the college "real" world....
More advising today along with convocation this evening.

Decked out in dress casual for our convocation ceremony...
MM couture dress, vintage gold belt, wrestling watch, striped Keds on for now.

A little close-up. Gatorade behind me.
Being an international business major, I'll have to dress up a bit every day of work...can't wait!
Off for a walk....then a couple updates on the blog since I'm no longer stuck in my hometown for the summer, blah blah blah whatever else I had written.
Oh, and need to recycle the bottles and can accumulating on  my desk.......

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Waiting for yet another orientation much information to process...too bad humans can't have an external harddrive to store info...

Listening to the cd Lovely gave to me right before departing for Nana's...

Tis raining again but luckily, I remembered to pack my rainboots, albeit a bit muddy before going into the car...I'm sure my Mummy was pleased about that one.

Not too shabby looking today...all set for the rain today.
AE gray cropped sweater, American Apparel tank, no boundaries leggings (yes, from Wally World!), and rainboots from Wally World as well. And coexist bracelet.

Only 45 minutes until next activity...I'm quite anxious for classes to start...

Big Bad College Kid

Yesterday was move-in a whole lot of planned activities! Surprisingly, my clothes and shoes fit in the closet; I hadn't brought along as much as it seemed. Of course, that justifies either bringing more from home or shopping...or both.

There was a hypnotist show and I was chosen (possibly due to my excessive jumping up and down like a looney, although in my defense, he had said he would pick the most enthusiastic). It was crazy fun and one hell of a laugh!

Unpacking...oh, where to put everything...
Star Wars shirt, polka dot shorts, red belt, and COEXIST bracelet.

More advising today...more fashion perhaps...more freezing in the ac and hurricane rains.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

So Full of Wisdom

Had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday morning...went surprisingly well, not as looney as my sister had been although I don't remember sitting in the recovery chair that long.

After Lovely filled my prescription and we went home, all I wanted was a freeze pop...and I couldn't eat the dang thing! Conflabbit!

Oh well...

So, I've lost some weight already but constantly have the munchies. Had about 3 bowls of the jell-o Lovely had made (he's ever so sweet and thoughtful :D ) and was able to chop up some pasta noodles after I ate my pudding and cooled scrambled eggs. Woke up at 4 a.m. still hungry haha.

I just want a sandwich.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Beast Unleashed

Tomorrow I shall be getting my wisdom teeth removed so I shall be incompetent and look like a chipmunk for the next few days....real pretty. But it simply must be done....blah.

Packing is such a bore...taking a break by reading new college books. Once a nerd, always a nerd.

 So far...two Victoria's Secret bags full of clothing and a partially filled crate of shoes. I shall not be limited to 10 pairs! ...slight obsession with shoes, I'm aware...

A smile makes it go more quickly... :)

Taking another well deserved break from packing...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hey Shorty

Looking through pictures, I've never really noticed how short I truly am...then again, I'm usually doing solo shots, solely focusing my attention on the clothes, not bothering to look at that thing I see every morning in the mirror.

Shorty or not, I still plan on packing and wearing heels in college...We're on the third floor? So be it...that'll be my exercise for the day haha. No calf toning moves necessary.

Buuuuuut the new pair of sandals will come in handy as well. They're cute and, as my mummy would agree, functional...not that heels aren't as well! I'm more prone to tripping accidents in these...oy vey.

Rawr rawr! I'm a gladiator!

Off to Kurty's for a night of game playing and movie watching....high-waisted pants and all.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What a Night...

Heidi Ho came over to hang out a while...then the lovely Tori came over for a sleepover and we had a great time! Chocolate chip pancakes in the morning and I am an absolute little piggy when it comes to chocolate chip pancakes...

Tori gave me one of the coolest shirts ever as well...

Show off your best assets with some lace grazing your least that's what I'll keep telling myself. The lace is so much fun, though! The blouse is cinched in at the waist with elastic to still retain a shape and show off one's figure.

Decided to tuck jeans into flats...why not?

Hello, awesome Hallmark clearance bracelet.

Counterbalacing the fullness of the blouse with the ultra tight second ever pair of skinnies from ninth grade, I believe? The benefit of practically remaining the same size since about seventh or eighth grade (except I have hips and a bust now, blah) is I can keep my favorite clothes! Not bragging about my size...merely mentioning the benefit. Then again, looking back at how I dressed in middle school, I can see why I chose not to keep a lot of the things...those were scary times for this budding fashionista....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Church and Lunch

Off to church with Sissy and Googly....

Despite Sissy's eyes being closed, the shoes had to be shown...both of ours. We both share a love for clothes and shoes.

...and off to lunch with a comical tee (of which my mother does not approve but Fajer totally digs). Sure, a bit crass, but it was one of those days...I do what I want.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The End

Sistora and her Googly came home for the good ol' fair so we enjoyed the last night of it...eating like fat kids and people watching.

Tractors and hay and farm cages. The highlights of fair in this little town.

The peacock feather earrings are blending in with my hair....yes, I was at fair several nights during the week. Although not the highlight of my year, I still look forward to Dippy pizza and milkshakes. Go for the food.

Cliché and corny, having the fair as our backdrop, but some of the most memorable nights in life are fully of corniness.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Thursday!!

Yes, yes, referencing Rebecca Black's singing, "It's Thursday, Thursday!" That's what I do whilst working, make up songs hahaha.

Enough of my unhinged self...

A night with Lovely and friends was pretty great to say the least :)

Tight skinnies...very chic (what is the male equivalent?!)

My arm looks awkward. But hair looks cute....not much I can do with it except add some pins and bands. Dang ponytails.

Wear the same pieces different ways and be versatile.
That's enough wisdom for today...or whatever one would like to call it.
I have a Lovely to see. . . .

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Another lovely night with cliché but I mean what I say...

Feeling a skirt....but having been lazy after work and not knowing what to wear, had to hastily throw a tank on before leaving the door. Unlike a limited few states, going topless in PA is frowned upon :(

Not that I would, of course! But I still found it quite interesting that there are a few states and individual cities that allow women to be topless....and we're not even in Europe! A nude beach would be awkward, though, (coming from an American) but quite common....ok, ok, stopping myself from rambling more on nude beaches.

Tis quite late for me to be up but I'm too excited and wound up to even consider trying to sleep at this point...

Headband from Austrian Claire's, kitty necklace, kirra leopard print tank,
Forever 21 skirt with heart pockets, AE leather bracelet, childhood purse,
vintage ring (on right ring finger)

My hair growing in already!
I'm liking it more as it grows a's nice to be able to pull it back into some sort of ponytail now. 

Grey Old Navy sandals...difficult to tell from the flash
 Time for sleep now....

Monday, August 1, 2011


Another great night with Lovely...watched the fair parade just long enough to watch my friends then off for some wontons and eggrolls from Main Won!

Pitstop at Dairy Queen for milkshakes :)

I must say, Lovely sure has a nice sense of style...such a sweetheart. Hoping we'll be able to see one another often despite the distance...

 Not too shabby looking today....cute dress and belt (belts are becoming almost a signature of mine, I swear!)

L.S.K. fashion dress, Old Navy belt, Steve Madden flats
 Found this awesome dress in some little boutique whilst on the Eurotrip last summer...can't quite recall the name of the place or the town...or even the country...but plan on going to Europe again sometime soon.
I think it's about time I leave this some place and see the world.

Lovely and Lover
Oh, Teddy...he loves to resist the lovin' he obviously loves so much. This pic doesn't show his claws out...hmmm...

Bis später!