Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Plain Jane Nerd

Striped cropped pants and a tank are quite the dress down for me...but I woke up at quarter til 8 so I wasn't in the mood for all out dress.

However....had three of what are probably my favorite classes, or at least the three to which I was looking forward the most. Scratch that...I was looking forward to German. Yes, yes, international studies is fascinating and certainly a close second and English should be pretty great, though I was skeptical given past English classes, German is my passion. I find other languages simply smashing and the ability to speak them highly relevant and inspiring. Good grief, I sound utterly ridiculous right now.

Quite frankly, that's clean for my desk so far....absolutely love my briefcase. It feels so official.

Headband: Austrian Claire's store, tank: Victoria's Secret, cropped pants: AE, flats: Steve Madden.

Can be quite tricky to find a place for a full shot...

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