Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Another lovely night with Lovely...total cliché but I mean what I say...

Feeling a skirt....but having been lazy after work and not knowing what to wear, had to hastily throw a tank on before leaving the door. Unlike a limited few states, going topless in PA is frowned upon :(

Not that I would, of course! But I still found it quite interesting that there are a few states and individual cities that allow women to be topless....and we're not even in Europe! A nude beach would be awkward, though, (coming from an American) but quite common....ok, ok, stopping myself from rambling more on nude beaches.

Tis quite late for me to be up but I'm too excited and wound up to even consider trying to sleep at this point...

Headband from Austrian Claire's, kitty necklace, kirra leopard print tank,
Forever 21 skirt with heart pockets, AE leather bracelet, childhood purse,
vintage ring (on right ring finger)

My hair growing in already!
I'm liking it more as it grows a little...it's nice to be able to pull it back into some sort of ponytail now. 

Grey Old Navy sandals...difficult to tell from the flash
 Time for sleep now....

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