Sunday, April 29, 2012

News update

My sister texted me to inform me that it is, indeed, my half-birthday. . . . and something about which my mummy would probably rather not think is that it is 18 months until i turn 21.....which shall be celebrated in London, England with my bestie roommate!

Revelations....dang it, chocolate. I have a craving for you like nothing else -_-

Time to curl up in Lovely's shirt with Theo the kindle and continue The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...

Dragons, horses, and spirits

....this combo sounds like a major reference to The Hobbit. But that's more or less the hashings of my day.

I started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last night [after Polyvore] and it was a slow read at first...i read it to and from Gettysburg today and it's getting interesting. Yes, i've joined the bandwagon. I'm not sure if it's all it's hyped up to be yet, but we shall see.

Mixing high-end with low-end fashion today...i took Louis [Louis Vuitton purse] with me horseback riding. It slings over the shoulder and can hold Theo [my kindle].

Joe Fresh opened up a new store along Fifth Ave in NYC and we all received a free tube of orange lipstick by checking into it using foursquare! woot woot!

I'm kissable like an orange creamsicle.

P.S. i think i may have captured ghosts on my camera from today's horseback ride through Gettysburg

This weekend in pics

I've discovered Polyvore! ....well, i've actually joined and have created things now! I was on it til 1:30am.... oops.

Cherry top: H&M; sequin top: Express; jeggings: AE

Loosely curled my hair and pulled it up, pinning long curl to head. mmm Hershey's choco sundae!

Pesto/tomato and tomatoe/cheese pizza :)

In the subway for the first time :)
....and Central Park!

cardi: Forever 21; tank: AE; belt: Forever 21; skirt: H&M; tights: Worthington

Bryant Park ice cream treat!

I've off to Gettysburg for a horseback riding tour through the battlefields :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All my loves in one week....

Lovely and i went to Chameleon Club last night to see A Rocket to the Moon and The All-American Rejects :)  ever have that giddy feeling when you meet some of your favorite bands?? Ooooh my, oh my, oh my. I was giddy all day and soo excited for the concert and was jumping around all day, all jittery, waiting for Lovely to come and pick me up!

The show was great! I'll upload some videos later...i'm a sleepy bunny...again.

After being pushed and shoved during the concert [mean crazy girls! We're all excited!!], we had the chance to meet and greet with A Rocket to the Moon! Whirlwind of autographs and guitar-pick tosses and pics....Eric liked my Steve Maddens! Wooo! We talked about Steve Madden shoes....

From left, clockwise: Eric Halvorsen and me; Andrew Cook and me; Justin Richards and me; and Andrew Cook and Lovely

A lady had an extra wristband to meet the All-American Rejects so i stood in line and had the chance to meet them!

A bit overboard on the pics maybe......Nick Wheeler kept looking at me whilst i was waiting in line alone :) ....poor Lovely was booted out because he did not have a wristband and told the security guard to make sure i didn't leave the line because i didn't want to meet them without him. They're one of his favorite bands!

Tyson was really chill and loved my roommate leaf ring! Oh my, so giddy just retelling haha. I got hugs from them! Soooo made my night haha. I went down the stairs [walking, not running, because i'm a total klutz] and jumped into Lovely's arms.

I was such a girl when i got into the car....i started crying!

The attire for the night....mainly b&w
Lovely rust-cowprint truck in downtown Lancaster.
Lovely backed up down the street so i could capture its magnificence.
Thoroughly impressed by my quesadilla!
I like my quesadillas made with loving care.

But we have matching shirts now :)

My picks! haha. I was decked out with my A Rocket to the Moon tee and All-American Rejects wristband and glitter nail polish.

Today was a wonderful day.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rain on your parade.

I love this Duffy song. I should be doing homework....since i'll be at a concert tomorrow and too excited to do anything after class...

And a happy birthday to my Uncle Tom!!
This pic of us is on my dorm's Jordan's favorite pic of us. Apparently, i started bawling seconds after it was taken lol. SO much love :)

I'm a bit disconcerted by the fact that there was a piece of ChexMix in the stall next to mine in the bathroom....I had a nice think session in there.

I believe: having more than one best friend
.....that the grey background on my blog is rather depressing
.....that sometimes a BM is what it takes to get inspiration for a blog post
.....that leggings are not pants
.....i totally butchered my English presentation today
.....11:11 wishes are pretty important
.....mothers are pretty incredible
.....your sister can turn out to be one of your best friends
.....your background can motivate you to become something better being your own cheerleader
.....not all boys are jerks; many nice boys are in hiding
.....believing in yourself is one of the hardest things to do
.....bullying should be stopped; cyber-bullying is a vicious cycle and is mean
.....there is no point in being purposely cruel

Top: AE; belt: Candie's; skirt: Nollie; heart tights: Betsey Johnson

Booty tooch

Tyra would be proud of my booty tooch....or maybe that's au natural. hmmm
Guess that means i won't have to strain my back as much in pictures. I didn't think i'd like the body con style skirt...but it's rather nice. I fell in love with new clothes. Joe Fresh has an awesome collection.

Catching up on New Girl and Once Upon a Time before roomie dinner :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Valleyfest part 2

Valleyfest yesterday was so much fun!! :)

I was up til about 2:30 or so with Lovely, who came in yesterday and spent the night. I'm pretty sure he had a great time!

Ok, from the weekend:

Wearing my Valleyfest staff shirt...looking surprisingly wide awake for sleeping only 6 hrs.

DIY headband; Aldo sunglasses

Hello, Mr. Owl! Petting zoo in the kiddie side aka academic quad.

Jess and me as the Dutchman and Hotdog Frank

Had a delicious oreo cupcake from the Sweet Sanctions food vendor


Battling...yes, i'm the short one. I chose not to show the ones of me on the ground.

This picture makes me laugh even though at the time, it just felt horrible. It started downpouring while we were cleaning up. Jordan needed an umbrella, so we ran to get her one from my room....and walked to her car so i could have my umbrella for later. At that point, we were already so soaked that it seemed silly to walk to the dorm under the umbrella. Instead, we sprinted.

Weight lifting [carrying tables and chairs] and cardio [sprinting in rain] done for the day.

John Vesely from Secondhand Serenade was in our gym before the concert
ok, ok. So this is a bit of a creepy pic. If you saw one of your favorite artists that close to you, you'd take creepy pics, too. I just thought it was neat how he was in there. . . .and none of the people passing by on their way to the ticket table noticed. Amateurs.

Small Town Titans performed before Secondhand Serenade. Comprised of LVC students & grads, me gusta.

I managed to get right in front!! Oooooooh my giddeons. Many people were disappointed by the band choice [Secondhand Serenade], but i can't lie. I was excited when i learned they were coming.

Me gusta indeed.

My favorite song has been part of their encore for every concert at which i've seen them. Ooooh. I've seen them three times and met him twice.

I'm curious as to how he manages to have such a lovely voice when he smokes. Ick. Not a fan of smoking :/ ...not that i'm a prude. I celebrate cleavage Thursday; obviously i'm not. It simply swears terribly... and so unhealthy.

Add that to the list of things i've never done and have no intentions of doing. Smoking and using a tanning bed.

Today's attire....

Low-key, thrown on whatever looks alright in about 5 mins kind of morning. Simple dressing for an easy knees are all scraped up from the inflatable obstacle course yesterday that i'm probably going to have to skip wearing real pants for about a week. . . .not that i'm complaining ;)

As much as i love my skinnies...sometimes it's nice to not wear pants, albeit that might be a bit nippy with the incoming cold weather. Ugh.

shirt: Gap; skirt: Forever 21; tights: Worthington

I can't wait to have access to my full wardrobe when i get home....

I'll leave you with my other SS video: