Thursday, April 19, 2012

God's Day Off

That is the title of my most recent paper....recent as in i just finished it literally two minutes ago. It's a research topic paper in favor of the choice in abortion. Please note that I use "choice." I believe that no matter one's ethical views on the issue, it is still a woman's choice. That's all I'll say on the matter...leave you to your thoughts on that matter.

Have you ever tried a Prezi presentation?? They're so much fun! I'm using that for my English presentation on aforementioned topic. Haven't used it since last year so hopefully i don't totally mess things up....

These past few weeks shall be busy busy. Classes wrapping up, accounting quiz tomorrow for which i haven't started studying. oops. ValleyFest this weekend! More on that later...

 I made my head-band by following Kinsey of Sincerely Kinsey using this tutorial. Yesterday i skipped the overhead piece in favor of just the simple band. Pretty hippie/boho vibe...with leopard print shoes. I love Steve Madden shoes.

I painted my nails! First attempt at using tape as a buffer to make shapes...not too shabby. I got the idea from Pinterest. I'm not about to open my own nail art business anytime soon, but my limited skills are serving their purpose for me...

I'm just excited i finally found a white nail polish that is opaque! Pure Ice Superstar :) [brand&name of nail polish]

Today i rolled my red skinnies and rocked my I <3 Nutella shirt that i had shown in a previous blog. Boring, perhaps....i was in a hurry this morning. excuses, excuses

Yesterday i donated blood so i put on a band-aid over my hole this morning.

Obi-Wan Kenobi. I love Star Wars.

Oh goodness....i feel productive today! Ethics is done, English paper done, German is done, accounting....need to study, macro is done. Woot woot!

Off to work on my Prezi presentation now.

P.S. I just discovered what "Labels" meant. heh heh heh
A little slow on my behalf....eyeroll acceptable on that one haha

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