Monday, April 9, 2012

Young, Wild, and Free

Back at LVC...currently watching Raising Helen when i should be reading some ethics...and contemplating economic ethics...hmmm i'll get to that, i swear!

I need to show my new hairstyle :)  ...and Nutella shirt! ...and shorts!

Firstly...Easter pic!

Lovely looks so serious whilst driving....

 The ducks were coming up to us :)

Making friends with the duckies!

Perhaps it wasn't the smartest idea to wear shorts today....but they were my new ones and i really really wanted to wear them! A bit nippy noodles out...

Oversize Hanes-turned-tank top with an iron-on heart and a handdrawn Nutella jar. I found an idea for the homemade headband on Sincerely Kinsey's blog.

A goodie from my Easter cute! Fanks, Mummy!

Lovely is one of my best friends.  Yes, one can have multiple best friends...perhaps highly recommended?

I had a great time at home...caught up with my family and saw my Sissy and some friends and Lovely and i took picatures and goofed off as usual and i have sooo many "and's" in there! Sorry...

Time for love making....aka dark chocolate meets peanut butter!! Mmmm how delicious! I had a yummy sandwich with leftover Easter ham. Missing my Mummy's cooking already :/

I have some procrastination to end...starting classes again tomorrow afternoon. Goodness, only a few more weeks left of my first year of college!

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