Tuesday, April 17, 2012

S'mores in the cabbage patch

Happy birthday to my beautiful older sister! Jordan and i are having a sisters' date at her favorite restaurant, Houlihan's, in Hershey! Going to be fat kids and eat a delicious meal and s'mores for dessert! Mmmmm

My sister, despite her flaws [no one's excempt from those, conflabbit], she's truly amazing. She has a downright hilarious sense of humor and shares many of the same likes...our fashion style may differ [she's the All-American beauty/girl-next-door/timeless, where i'm more the "trendy" one who mixes prints like i have 80s swag], but we're tighter than a brand new Pinger i.e. hair-tie.

I look up to this strong woman...figuratively. Sorry, Sissy, i'm the taller one! She's a triple threat....brains, beauty, and brawn. No, i'm not selling her off for an eHarmony ad. Trust me, she doesn't need an online profile. Although...you'll find this beautiful scientist in the lab ;) haha just kidding, just kidding.

I have some of my favorite pics with her on my wall at school....

Family vacation at Bethany Beach

Our first picture together :)

My brainy Salutatorian Sissy

During her college days....inseparable

Ever supportive of her little Sister :) night of my graduation

Love you, Sissy!

I'm off to meet the birthday girl! I'm hoping she likes her birthday prezzies....if not, *shaking my fist*

Haha have a lovel-E evening!

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