Monday, April 23, 2012

Rain on your parade.

I love this Duffy song. I should be doing homework....since i'll be at a concert tomorrow and too excited to do anything after class...

And a happy birthday to my Uncle Tom!!
This pic of us is on my dorm's Jordan's favorite pic of us. Apparently, i started bawling seconds after it was taken lol. SO much love :)

I'm a bit disconcerted by the fact that there was a piece of ChexMix in the stall next to mine in the bathroom....I had a nice think session in there.

I believe: having more than one best friend
.....that the grey background on my blog is rather depressing
.....that sometimes a BM is what it takes to get inspiration for a blog post
.....that leggings are not pants
.....i totally butchered my English presentation today
.....11:11 wishes are pretty important
.....mothers are pretty incredible
.....your sister can turn out to be one of your best friends
.....your background can motivate you to become something better being your own cheerleader
.....not all boys are jerks; many nice boys are in hiding
.....believing in yourself is one of the hardest things to do
.....bullying should be stopped; cyber-bullying is a vicious cycle and is mean
.....there is no point in being purposely cruel

Top: AE; belt: Candie's; skirt: Nollie; heart tights: Betsey Johnson

Booty tooch

Tyra would be proud of my booty tooch....or maybe that's au natural. hmmm
Guess that means i won't have to strain my back as much in pictures. I didn't think i'd like the body con style skirt...but it's rather nice. I fell in love with new clothes. Joe Fresh has an awesome collection.

Catching up on New Girl and Once Upon a Time before roomie dinner :)

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