Monday, April 16, 2012

Eyebrows are annoying

Guten Morgen! ...or rather gute Nacht. I was in desperate need of some tweezing this morning...goodness, how does this happen?? One day they look niiiiice, the next it looks like cousin It threw up on my face. Not literally. I swear i'm not that hairy! Eyebrow maintenance is a necessity (even Chewbacca has nice arches) albeit a pain in the bum. Above-the-eye skin.

I feel like a walking American Eagle advertisement. No, not as tall or slim or pretty as their models, but i was sporting AE top and bottoms...i guess that's it. i.e. that's a lot for me.

P.S. my sandals are from Gap.

Today it was in the mid-80s woo! I got a little bit of color...i haven't been feeling the best the past few days so my vampire tan was accentuated immensely. Jess told me i looked extra vampire-y with my crimson lips haha

Hmmm...sometimes i've wondered what strangers think about me. I'm sure everyone has thought that from time to time, but bloggers especially wonder. Do i have a bitchy convinction in my tone [look at me pulling out all of those AP English terms!] or do i sound like a country bumpkin?? Hmm. I swear i can be tame. ish.

I'm a sweetheart at heart and love to make people smile. Yes, i am quite concerned about my grades and set high standards for myself, but that doesn't make me so strange, does it? Hell, even if it does, it feels natural to me haha

It irks me when people change themselves for others....extreme cases, i mean.

Be yourself. Love it. Be happy. Eat some cookies and get your blood sugar up. Wait...that's what i need to do. Maybe not cookies, but a little dark chocolate.

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