Sunday, April 22, 2012

Valleyfest part 2

Valleyfest yesterday was so much fun!! :)

I was up til about 2:30 or so with Lovely, who came in yesterday and spent the night. I'm pretty sure he had a great time!

Ok, from the weekend:

Wearing my Valleyfest staff shirt...looking surprisingly wide awake for sleeping only 6 hrs.

DIY headband; Aldo sunglasses

Hello, Mr. Owl! Petting zoo in the kiddie side aka academic quad.

Jess and me as the Dutchman and Hotdog Frank

Had a delicious oreo cupcake from the Sweet Sanctions food vendor


Battling...yes, i'm the short one. I chose not to show the ones of me on the ground.

This picture makes me laugh even though at the time, it just felt horrible. It started downpouring while we were cleaning up. Jordan needed an umbrella, so we ran to get her one from my room....and walked to her car so i could have my umbrella for later. At that point, we were already so soaked that it seemed silly to walk to the dorm under the umbrella. Instead, we sprinted.

Weight lifting [carrying tables and chairs] and cardio [sprinting in rain] done for the day.

John Vesely from Secondhand Serenade was in our gym before the concert
ok, ok. So this is a bit of a creepy pic. If you saw one of your favorite artists that close to you, you'd take creepy pics, too. I just thought it was neat how he was in there. . . .and none of the people passing by on their way to the ticket table noticed. Amateurs.

Small Town Titans performed before Secondhand Serenade. Comprised of LVC students & grads, me gusta.

I managed to get right in front!! Oooooooh my giddeons. Many people were disappointed by the band choice [Secondhand Serenade], but i can't lie. I was excited when i learned they were coming.

Me gusta indeed.

My favorite song has been part of their encore for every concert at which i've seen them. Ooooh. I've seen them three times and met him twice.

I'm curious as to how he manages to have such a lovely voice when he smokes. Ick. Not a fan of smoking :/ ...not that i'm a prude. I celebrate cleavage Thursday; obviously i'm not. It simply swears terribly... and so unhealthy.

Add that to the list of things i've never done and have no intentions of doing. Smoking and using a tanning bed.

Today's attire....

Low-key, thrown on whatever looks alright in about 5 mins kind of morning. Simple dressing for an easy knees are all scraped up from the inflatable obstacle course yesterday that i'm probably going to have to skip wearing real pants for about a week. . . .not that i'm complaining ;)

As much as i love my skinnies...sometimes it's nice to not wear pants, albeit that might be a bit nippy with the incoming cold weather. Ugh.

shirt: Gap; skirt: Forever 21; tights: Worthington

I can't wait to have access to my full wardrobe when i get home....

I'll leave you with my other SS video:

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